Let’s Debate! Are the most dangerous people “stupid” people or smart people?

Snowy: I think the smarter the person, the more dangerous they are because they plan things out right?

Cream Cheese: If they do plan things out, it would make them more predictable right? Therefore, prevention is a possibility.

Snowy: Well, you could say the same for stupid people too! They have simple minds.

Cream Cheese: But they are also irrational when irrational. They might not even have a valid purpose. You can never get them to understand either!

Snowy: True, but I still think smart people are more dangerous. They might do all their math just to get you to fall at a certain angle to wreck your face.

Cream Cheese: I guess that makes me smart eh? *shoots ketchup out of bottle at a specific angle to temporarily “wreck” Snowy’s face*

Snowy: Arghhhh! Geh! Cheebie!

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