.a ridiculous story #1.

Once upon a time there was a yellow teddy bear. Although it was quite plump, it did not wish to be branded with that hashtag. We call it THE HEALING FAIRY.

With one wink, one [creepy] smile, one moment of skinship (physical contact) – any person feeling down, feeling pain, feeling hungry will be cured instantly! Watch it flap its  arms and pudgy legs wings as it falters flutters soars through the air.


CH 1: The Healing Fairy and the chocolate cake.

The Healing fairy saw an unattended chocolate cake on the table. It ate it.

CH 2: The Healing Fairy and the Soccer Ball

The Healing Fair spotted a dusty and slightly deflated sad excuse for a shimmering soccer ball. It kicked it. The soccer ball soared. The soccer ball hit a gangster. The gangster’s victim ran away and called the local authorities  McDonDon.

CH 3: The Healing Fairy Gets Down to Business.

fill the balloon up

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