Greetings Visitoes!

Don’t feel offended, sorry. Toes are great *wiggle wiggle*

So you have stumbled upon this crazy and weird blog (?) and you’re like I want out. Now. STAY A LITTLE LONGER, please~ :3tumblr_o0e1insfvk1u5sy0wo4_400

I, myself, do not know what the purpose of this strange abode in the Interwebs is, but it does have a lot of strange, thus kewl stuff. I will begin to explain.


In the menu above, you can navigate

Home is where the randomelyawesomethatwillliterallyblowyourindbecausetheymightmessupyourbraincells stuff is.You will find the most up to date posts by Cheebie and sweet(?) messages like these.

About Datcheebie is protected by a password. You may request information about information by emailing datcheebie by following a lick in one of the cutesy boxes below probably (?) every page:

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 4.37.07 PM

or the easier way: .CONTACT DATCHEEBIE.

The Gallery of Heads-oops. Gallery of Headers is an exhibition of the headers made to beautify datcheebie.wordpress.com, but having tried them out, didn’t seem to be convenient for visitoes like you. This page is also password protected.

Just Some Strange Pictures Holds some really weird yet cute/stylish – basically super aesthetically pleasing pictures of Cream Cheese and Snowy. This page is also password protected.




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