Oh My Venus SPOILERS ALERT (to avoid – DO NOT read beyond the “Ratings” section)

datcheebie‘s thoughts

Squeeeeeee (no. I wasn’t imitating a pig.)

Let’s face it. It was a cute drama that successfully invited our hearts to embrace it. I wasn’t as crazy as my friend who decided to rewatch it right after she finished it (like literally Right. After.).

If you’re on a “diet” (maybe one day I’ll give you my 2 cents on the actual definition of diet, but not today), like my friend, you’ll find this drama more endearing possibly because of just simply – empathy. It is indeed a magical and powerful thing.

If you’re looking for a strong, yet cutesy heroine who has the right kind of determination, you’ll find it in Kang Joo Eun. Complete with some serious dimple(s) magic.

If you’re looking for silliness, look no further/farther(?)! BECAUSE Henry is here~ To be fair, every character/actor seem pretty silly.

Celebrate Kang Joo Eun Day peeps~ with a little bit of warmth from Oh My Venus~ (BTW you don’t really have to worry about lack of tension/suspense – there are villains, but they aren’t crazy villains that seem to want you to break though the TV/tablet/monitor/cellphone screen to strangle them and rip out their hair or something. Another A+)

Ratings (out of a 5.0 max scale for too awesome for words): 4.67 

Sorry. I have a thing with random decimals, but I don’t know, that ‘.67’ feels right. The good thing about this drama is that the “death phase“(as I like to call it) doesn’t bite us until almost the very end – it definitely crept up at some point – laws of [drama] nature ya know. BUT, the great thing is that the drama recovered quickly~

My personal favorite[aspects]s of Oh My Venus were of course the dimples:


the bromance(to be honest. I think Joo Eun is the core of the bromance 😉 ):

and of course – the romance(s0 pink and lovely~):



I found it nice that Oh Soo Jin and Kang Joo Eun finally made up, but oh geez. Soo Jin’s “revenge” was so stupid. What kind of friend is she?! She can’t even hold on to a little bit of faith for her friend. 

Although I think Im Woo Shik is still a mega-jerk. Meh. Whatevs.

And thank the Drama gods for miracle cures in kDramas 🙂 the Coach deserves no less than miraculous recovery and being able to exude “sexiness” on his own to legs after a year.

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  1. C’est dommage de pas avoir de suite il est bien ce flim faite des suite ci vous plaît

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