.datkDramathatwasworth2x. — UPDATED

Greetings Mortal! Errr… I guess we’re on equal footing then…

Anyways, here are some dramas that were good enough to watch a second time! (These, I legit watched twice):

  • Sungkyungkwan Scandal: Squee~ (once again, not a pig!) Song Joongki, Yoo Ah In + Park Yoochun + Park Minyoung + crossdressing – the works.


    The weird whirlwind is clearly (?) Song Joongki.

  • Doctor Stranger – this one definitely had a “death phase” – but still great~
  • Goblin — is there more that needs to be said??? I want to watch it again actually — brb.
  • Dream High – a little cheesy I guess, but cute~ Rootin’ for the kids~ I can drrrrreeeeeaaaaammm highhhhhh…
  • Healer – Yaaaaaas. 
  • City Hunter
  • Pinnochiotumblr_nf38r9mbwm1syjtc0o1_500
  • Heirs – meh, but still (2nd Lead Syndrome)tumblr_inline_o0whbalpab1qi9jo3_500
  • You’re Beautifultumblr_micu0jkqhc1rmf86jo1_500
  • Heart Strings/You’ve Fallen For Me


    So hard to find pictures…why does this one show up???

  • Chief Kim — Yep Yep. So cuteeeeee. Gluttonous Sociopath + TQ Psycho FTW!
  • Rooftop Prince
  • The Moon Embracing the Sun

Here are some dramas that I watched, and I thought were good, but either (1) didn’t quite make the cut for rewatching or (2)were too “fresh” for me to rewatch [for now…]:

  • Strong Woman Do Bong Soon!!!
  • Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim.
  • D-Day: Yippee~ The “death phase” was almost nonexistent because of all the angst and cutesy bickering development of romance *nudge nudge* Golden 72 Hours ya know.tumblr_nym6cyvcoh1rou2gfo6_400
  • School 2015 – ugh Shipping Wars. WHY?!
  • Doctors — Gotta love the Badass doctor T_T but she lost her badass-quali
  • Please Come Back, Mister — You. must. watch. this. one.
  • W — kinda got draggy at the end as if they were forcing plot twists, but still it had quite an awesome 3/4 start
  • Beautiful Gongshim — ugh. My heart can’t stand their cuteness.
  • Louis, King of Shopping
  • Let’s Fight Ghost
  • Task Force 38
  • Blood Oh gosh. Took this one off because remembered it was “good” up to episode 6-ish. Mega death – but you have to stick to it because the ending is garbage – ends must be tied. 
  • Splish Splash Love – Gangnam Style = new way to learn how to ride a horse FAST  (skip to 00:52)

8 thoughts on “.datkDramathatwasworth2x. — UPDATED

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  4. Thanks for this, favoring this page. Just started watching Kdrama and this list will help me find my next show!

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