.datMoorimSchool-thoughts so far.

One major thought: that Chicken helmet is fine. Okay, let’s get past that first, right? Okay. I’m going to take a deep breath. Okay. I’m ready.


At first I worried for KBS. Although Sassy Go Go was awesome in its own way, it unfortunately did fairly poorly domestically – the Korean viewers didn’t like it much (even its nationwide high for ratings was a really sad 4.5%). Touching upon the trailers and promo videos for this drama, I worried. For me, KBS has been on a roll for its Mon/Tues combo: Sassy Go Go >> Oh My Venus — now – Moorim School must fend to keep the momentum going.

I’ll admit – the trailers/promo vids just made me cringe a little. Sure – action = yippee!magic -oh yeaaaa~ But it seems to fall short a little. In this day and age, this drama’s selling points may not sit well with viewers. You can’t expect the 40s+ ajummas to get hooked – they already have lots of fun with the copious amounts of daily dramas/family dramas/weekend dramas (ya know, those at least 50 ep monsters with lots of hair pulling). You can only knock 20s-30s off their feet with some good old [sappy] romance – be it melo or rom-com (like Oh My Venus).

The cast for Moorim has a lot of young’uns. Flower boys and girls that the non-studying population -aka the majority- would not be dedicated to. Sure, sprinkle in some idols, flower boys, flower girls, touch of fantasy, the works – but unfortunately maturity is the emphasis these days. Even the teens who would chase after their oppas won’t go that crazy.

After watching the first and second episodes I felt a little reassured. Two reasons:

(1) I was able to have some face-palm moments and “smh-but while smiling and cringing” moments. That means that to a certain extent, some characters were endearing and the plot was intriguing enough.

(2) I read the Dramabeans recaps, and as usual, they won me over. If they say that “Moorim School makes a very good first impression, with interesting characters and a mysterious school that promises a lot of secrets to be revealed…There’s a lot of potential here, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store,” then it is true. <DRAMABEANS FIGHTING! You always save me from having to finish watching dramas that die, but I have to know what happens>

Aside from the kind of sad Chinese, I say GOOD LUCK MOORIM!

What do you think?


2 thoughts on “.datMoorimSchool-thoughts so far.

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