tumblr_ncdeoojx491smian5o1_1280When a drama “dies” – note the quotation marks…

It’s like watching a plant you’ve nurtured wither away into nothing.

What’s your worst experience?

I talked about my “theory” about the death phase of a drama before (see: https://datcheebie.wordpress.com/2016/01/10/kdramastoavoidand-an-intro-to-kdramas/). This phenomenon is the absolute worst – even more horrible than a drama ending.

Dramas are things that require investment – time, effort to sit down, find a site/source to watch the drama, and data connection. For those who willingly put up with ads that pop up every so and then, every second of a drama is precious.

Then the drama enters the death phase – premature death even before the last turn.



If you’ve been a fellow victim, share your experiences by commenting below!

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