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Cheese in the Trap; datcheebie‘s thoughts so far             tumblr_o17wbmemr81tkfqloo3_400

from one cheese to another cheese.

By 1/19/16, the 6th episode is out, so giving my thoughts on a new drama this late in the game is very late. However, I don’t think I would be able to say much about it or give someone a green or red (or yellow) light until I’ve tested the waters a bit longer.

To be honest, as a person who had no knowledge about the webtoon this drama is based on, I was super confused through 1-2 (and possibly 3 even). I had no ideas what the heq was with the characters (especially Yoo Jung) and their “true intentions.” From Seol’s perspective, I also fell into the trap (no pun intended) of believing that Yoo Jung was a manipulating jerk. He is still mysterious to me at this point, but viewers will be able to tap into his actual thoughts starting episode 5 (correct me if I’m wrong please).

I look like a grandma? You look like a thug.

Perhaps its the curiosity in me, so even if it was sort of dry (“slow” I guess, but in a different sense) in the beginning, I was “hooked” in a different way – I wanted to know what the different characters’ deals were. What in the world is happening?

Now that we have a little bit of cuteness going in episode 5/6, I can honestly give people who wish to start a new drama the green light. It was best to wait a bit so that if you aren’t quite the marathoner type to marathon a little so you feel the tug on the fishing line (are you the fish or fisher?).

If you’re looking for something mellow, but still has suspense this will be your drama.

For anything, there has to be some criticism. For this drama, many have complained that Park Hae Jin is wayyyyy to old to be playing a college student – that’s plain weird. Part of me still believes in that (especially whenever I see his hands), but I don’t think this drama would have the same effect if someone not as “experienced” like Park Hae Jin were playing the character of Yoo Jung. He is able to carry the mysteriousness just right (?) in a balanced way where it’s not overdone – the character isn’t mysterious on purpose exactly, but that element is just his character – he doesn’t think that he’s the strange one because that’s his way of life.


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