.DramaFever vs. Viki NOW.

Previous post: https://datcheebie.wordpress.com/2015/02/16/dramafever-vs-viki/

UPDATE: 2017

Quite frankly, I do not use either platform anymore, but I believe I can still share my valid opinion about the two. Basically, DramaFever >> Viki. Period. I won’t turn this into a diss post about Viki with all the details, but I’ve just always had so much trouble with Viki and my user experience was always sub-par until it hit rock bottom and never bounced back up. Viki is now commercialized — yes, so is DramaFever, but users who have used it for a long time can see the changes that have taken away its charms for me. If I were to use these platforms, I would probably head straight to Drama Fever — and this is me being perfectly honest. Despite DramaFever lacking some features Viki has, which I like, my experience with Viki has scarred me. That’s that.


One thought on “.DramaFever vs. Viki NOW.

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