.datRunning Man ep 286.

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 1.48.25 PM

This episode wasn’t the best, but as a RM addict, watching this episode wouldn’t hurt.  You  will see Big Nose Hyung shining (or bathing in fumes) and also Mr. Random Capable living up his title once again.

Like mysteries? Like purple fumes? Like RM-style interrogations? This is your episode~

The really sad thing is that I only found Big Nose Hyung’s “Poot Poot” <Farting> Detective thing the actually funny member involved thing in this episode. Although the now HaHa x Gary London Trip was pretty awesome (Gary won the game by solving the mystery perf.), that’s not really deserving of a thumbs up for laughs. 

I really admired how the staff put together so much for this episode – from the clues to the clues lol. It is a mystery after all.

On the note of praising the staff, I think Guest#99 and the Administrator deserve awards. Guest # 99 literally had to stand there [awkwardly] as an instrumental witness for the mystery in the cold. The poor Administrator not only had to lie on the floor pretending to be “dead” (out), but had to survive the gas output of Big Nose Hyung (LOL those purple fumes.)

Another fave highlight would be the RM-style interrogations. LOL. I guess that says a lot about me – violence. Hoot.

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