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This little review/reflection is pretttyyyy late, but better late than never right?

But first, let’s take some time to get into the zone and get a bit nostalgic:



To be fair, you may not know of this drama. Well, Wikipedia can’t do it full justice, but here’s a taste nonetheless:

Descendants of the Sun

Promotional poster
Also known as Descended from the Sun
The Sun’s Descendants
Genre Romance
Written by Kim Eun-sook
Kim Won-seok
Directed by Lee Eung-bok
Baek Sang-hoon
Starring Song Joong-ki
Song Hye-kyo
Kim Ji-won
Jin Goo
Country of origin South Korea
Original language(s) Korean
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 16 + 3 special episodes
Executive producer(s) Bae Kyung-soo
Producer(s) Ham Young-hoon
Yoo Jong-seon
Park Woo-ram
Editor(s) Choi Jung-won
Kim Young-joo
Location(s) South Korea
Cinematography Kim Si-hyeong
Uhm Jun-seong
Production company(s) Next Entertainment World
Distributor KBS
Original network KBS2
Original release February 24 – April 22, 2016

Source: Wikipedia



Okay. If you have accepted this, and still are willing to read this little post, thank you for not transcending through the virtual world to tug out my hair. I’m going to be presenting the different aspects of this drama that particularly stood out to me and the reasons for why I think the hype was too much. Are you ready~~~?


Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 9.23.07 AM.png

Even if I did not find the drama as addicting as a drama addict, the OST line up certainly was! Even before starting to watch the drama, I would put the playlist on repeat. My top two favorites would be Yoon Mirae’s “Always” and K. Will’s “Say It! What are You Doing?” You know when a drama has the hype when it secures such a solid OST singer line up~

I have always admired Yoon Mirae, from her singer prowess, her versatility (she raps too!), to her life story. She is half Korean and half African-American,  so she was unfortunately bullied when she was young. I am really proud of her for for rising to the top despite such horrible experiences, which makes me think she is even more amazing! “Always” is a song that really reaches deep within your heart, bringing out the soulful side of you. Give it a listen!

K. Will is very interesting. Sure, he is not the most handsome guy, but his vocals are on point~ His voice is very unique and this song certainly conveys this as every note he sings resonate

WHAT I ABSOLUTELY LOVED: the fact that Song Joongki was in it

Like many, his enlistment to serve his military tugged a bit at my heart. It meant that the world wouldn’t be able to see him on the screens for 2 whole years. Descendants of the Sun seriously was a godsend in a way because it made his comeback the very definition of ASAP.

Besides his actual being, his being also meant a cameo by his BFF – Giraffe-sama aka Lee Kwang Soo. When I heard, I was super excited. OMG. True bromance.


On that note, their real life bromance isn’t the only thing that shined. Captain Yoo and Daeyoung were not a shabby couple either 😉 They definitely had the chemistry.

– Now. For my thoughts that won’t make many people happy –

WHAT I DIDN’T LIKE: the drama overall – a little ‘analysis’

Okay, I’ve heard people say that upon the airing of DoTs that there is finally a drama with a somewhat more ‘realistic’ love story -as in the process of the OTP falling in love with each other in the very beginning. In most dramas, our eventual OTP start off with a rocky relationship due to misunderstandings, bias/prejudice due to reputations, family rivalries, biological problems (i.e. vampire vs. human), etc. To be fair, this drama does present an ‘initial’ misunderstanding right? Dr. Kang Mo Yeon mistook Captain Yoo for a gangster boss. But, if people are to really stick with the whole ‘realistic falling in love’ argument, fine. Captain Yoo did start off be flirting from the very get go. It was cute, but not that cute. It didn’t make me squeal much – if at all. Swooning? Meh. It was Song Joongki, the baseline is there.

People around me also say that the whole drama could have ended at episode 12. Completely true. For those who have forgotten, episode 12 ended with the medical team returning to Korea. Honestly, all the loose ends were tied by then. The OTP had their struggles and got together. In fact episode 12 finished off the “cliff hanger” with Captain Yoo and his team succeeding in rescuing Dr. Kang and Argus was ‘dealt with.’ Daeyong and Myungjoo are totally confirmed to have a solid bond – they can’t live without each other. Literally. And we all know Myungjoo is going to live.

For me, the best part of the drama was definitely the earthquake. Every single scene related to the Manager was a tear-jerker for me. Especially when the Manager and the worker who had a giant metal beam through him were waiting for the rescue team to find them. Of course, an earthquake situation like this in any drama would give way to emergency medical procedures on the scene. DoTs was not exception…but…

They sucked. You may already know, but there were a bunch of articles about real-life medical professionals criticizing the absurd medical-stuff in the drama. That neck CPR? What. That full-fledged open-surgery in a dusty earthquake-impacted former power-plant. No. Please. That patient would have no chance of surviving even if you were the God of Medicine. They seriously don’t make sense. Medical dramas have operations that don’t make sense, but this stuff really really really don’t make any sense.

Overall, I would say that the plot is interesting, as it had the proper cliff-hangers and solid chemistry. I can’t place my finger on the exact thing, but this drama was lacking. It wasn’t solid. I simply don’t get all this hype. I saw on the news that divorce rates in China went up because of this drama. Are you freaking serious?! I don’t want to say that this is ‘just a drama‘ – because I am a drama addict myself, but this is too much.

This drama has also caused much inconvenience the the actors. Song Joongki’s property was trespassed upon – not really a shocker at this point as I am a well-seasoned drama-addict 😉 so I am aware that these things happen on a fairly regular basis, but something else really bothered me. Netizens found recent pictures of Song Joongki’s sister  and they started praising her. That’s not the bad thing, obviously. The horrible thing is that they started judging her and saying how she was super ugly in the past. Who are you to judge? Are you phenomenal in terms of physical appearance? Is there even such a standard??? From those actions, I would say that these people are definitely not beautiful because they have a pretty rotten core. Please don’t sink your teeth into someone else’s private matters, even if that person is a celebrity. Technically, that person is just working at the occupation. They are not obligated to have their private matters “out in the open” ripped to shreds and poked at for any form of pleasure (including the pleasure of satisfying curiosity about someone you admire). Sure, celebrities do have some expectation/anticipation that their private matters will be pried open, but I think that people should remember that if they truly respect that celebrity, they should know the limits.  Even an ordinary person deserves privacy because they are human. Are celebrities not humans?

Thank you for hearing me out on this drama. I still don’t get the hype, and you might want to rip out my hair for that, but it is true and there’s nothing to do about it. It is a blockbuster – star-studded and chock full of phenomenal chemistry, but it was not the best.

Oh did I mention that Vancouver Volcano ending was absolutely insane. I forgot to laugh. -_-

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