“To be or not to be, that is the question.” – Shakespeare’s Hamlet

Let’stand take a look at some pretty common “characters of characters” in our beloved kdramas – Here’s 10 to Start:

1. Spunky heroine who’said tough on the utside, but really soft-hearted and needs a shoulder to lean on (Heir’s Eun-Sang//DoTS’ Kang Moyeon//Healer’s Young-shi)

2. Smooth guy who’s a ninja, but mad clumsy for the girl he falls heads over heels for (City Hunter’s Lee Yoon sung//Healer’s Jung-ho)

3. Second lead syndrome – no further words needed. (Sungkyunkwan Scandal’so Geol-oh//You’re Beautiful’s Kang Shin Woo & Jeremy//Sassy Go Go’s Seo Ha-joon//School 2015’s Gong Tae-kwang//Heir’s Choi Young-do)

4. Rags to Riches (<sort of> Bread, Loves, and Dream’s Kim Tak Goo//<sort of> Goldren Rainbow’s Kim Baek-won)

*** wow…there were much less actual “Rags-to-Riches” than I thought ***

5. Riches to Rags – Fallen from Grace (<sort of> Ex-Girlfriend Club’s Kim Soo-jin//My Princess’s Lee Seul <technically this counts, right?>//Modern Farmer (?))

6. The Crossdresser (You’re Beautiful’s Go Minam//Sungkyunkwan Scandal’s Kim Yoon-hee)

7. Uptight Dude. Really uptight. (DoTS’ Seo Dae Young//Sungkyunkwan Scandal’s Lee Sun-joon//Rooftop Prince’s Woo Yong-sool//Hyde, Jekyll, Me’s Gu Seo-jin)

8. Evil Grandma/Mama (My Daughter, Geum Sa-wol’s So Kook-Ja//Heir’s Jeong Ji-suk//Sassy Go Go’s //Boy’s Over Flower’s Kang Hee Soo)

9. Evil Grandpapa/Papa (My Daughter, Geum Sa-Wol’s Kang Manho)

10. The Genius but Cold-hearted Guy (Sassy Go Go’s Kim Yeol//Heir’s Choi Young-do)

Of course there is more but it’s time for you to do your share 😉 What other “cliche” drama characters of characters can you name?



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