For all of you who remember the Vampire Prosecutor franchise, OCN is back again with Vampire Detective featuring Lee Joon as our vampire hero. Now, let’s give a round of applause to Wikipedia for a little debriefing on this drama:

Vampire Detective
Vampire Detective Poster.jpg

Genre Fantasy
Written by Yoo Young-seon
Directed by Kim Ga-ram
Lee Seung-hoon
Starring Lee Joon
Oh Jung-se
Lee Se-young
Lee Chung-ah
Country of origin South Korea
Original language(s) Korean
No. of episodes 12
Running time 60 minutes
Original network OCN
Original release March 27 – June 12, 2016
Related shows Vampire Prosecutor

 Source: Wikipedia

Current Status for datCheebie: Episode 9

So yeah…as of now, I should have already watched episode 10 (this drama airs every Sunday), but the ENG subs are not complete yet on Viki (Shout Out to the hardworking subbers! Thanx for all the hard work!).

There is action, there is mystery, there is thrill, there is suspense, there is comedy, and there are tear-jerkers. To be perfectly honest, the mysteries/cases are not perfectly written – but nothing is perfect of course. I can’t quite place my finger on it, but something is missing for sure. My inkling is that the viewers aren’t given their chance to sink their teeth (sorry for a lame vampire reference) as deeply into the case because although we are taken on a backstage tour of the case from beginning to end, we don’t have enough time to be in the characters’ shoes. For example in episode 9 SPOILER ALERT 

Sure, the chairman was complete trash, but Ms. Yoga instructor was portrayed as someone who actually went along with his horrible request. If sympathy was supposed to be evoked, then the execution was not delivered correctly by the producers. Short and impactful was required, but all we got was short.

Nevertheless, the drama is very interesting, and I can’t wait until I can watch episode 10…and 11…and 12…but I don’t want it to end!!! T_T

UPDATE: at this point, I’m already done with episode 11. There has been a lot of bashing on this episode, and I can see why (read comments on episode 11 on Dramabeans). The show still hasn’t allowed the viewers to sink their teeth into the plot – everything still seems so loosey-loosey. We got the explanations – finally. BUT, at this point we don’t want just explanations (ep 10 & 11 had a lot of flashbacks), we want some action/thrill. The angst doesn’t really bite on my fishing hook, but I will still keep my hopes up…so sad that the finale is already coming 😦

If you’re looking for a bit of supernatural, some thrill, and mystery without too much gore or horror or blood even (for a vampy drama), this drama is probably for you~

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