.datK9Cops-A Watchdog’s Tale.

Oh TVB, TVB. You are so cute.

So, the only “recent” TVB drama I have been able to watch. Inclined to watch. Willing to watch was K9 Cop aka 警犬巴打 starring Bosco Wong and Linda Chung. What killed me in this drama is Bosco’s character (Lai Yat-tsau)’s adoption of Linda’s character (Dr. Ma)’s character’s antics – Goooooood boyyyyy~ I seriously wish I could find a clip for you all.

Although TVb dramas are pretty awful, this one did make me laugh and it wasn’t as “cheap” as the other ones. I found the characters’ interactions to be pretty heartwarming overall.

Then…yesterday I was finally able to find A Watchdog’s Tale again!!! It’s a pretty dumb drama, but TVB dramas from the pre-2010 era were okay. It struck me. Both dramas are related to the HK Police Force Dog Unit. In both dramas, Linda Chung and Raymond Wong were in it. In both dramas, Raymond Wong was a police officer who had a little “girl-issue” (for a lack of better words). In both dramas, Linda Chung was a vet.

These 2 are both very cute dramas that are pretty light overall! Give them a watch!

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