.datRunningMan + Song Joongki on Hurry Up Bros.

Running Man Members on Chinese Version of Running Man

My fellow Running Man fans may be aware that our awesome Running Man members were on the 5th episode of season for of the Chinese Version of Running Man – Hurry Up Brothers. I have posted screen shots of my favorite pairing recently, but I have not yet had the chance to share my thoughts on the hilarity of this episode.

I’m a hardcore Running Man fan, so maybe that’s why I think ‘HUB’ can’t ever  amount to Rm, but they try. If you’re a true RM fan, you should definitely watch this episode!

In addition, 2 episode later…hot-blooded Youth Active Joongki made an appearance…

Song Joongki on HUBtumblr_o6g67flvsb1tmjt2ko3_400

In episode 8, the man who shook China with his character Captain Yoo made an appearance on the show too. I think this very busy busy man was able to make it only because these 3 episodes (5-8) were filmed in Korea, but still. He made it! To be honest, this episode didn’t make me squeal much (OMG! You know what would? Joongki on RM again!), but I liked the references: “Hot-blooded Youth” & “Betrayal Giraffe”


***note ep 7 featured Rain.

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