.datDdanddara aka Entertainer.

Ddanddara aka Entertainer First Impressions & Home-stretch thoughts

Entertainer (2016 TV series) poster.jpeg
Also known as Entertainers
Genre Drama
Written by Yoo Young-ah
Directed by Hong Sung-chang
Starring Ji Sung
Lee Hyeri
Kang Min-hyuk
Chae Jung-an
Country of origin South Korea
Original language(s) Korean
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 18
Running time 60 minutes
Original network SBS
Original release April 20 – June 16, 2016

Source: Wikipedia

It’s not exactly a new drama, as it will be wrapping up in a  few weeks, but I have been so busy that I haven’t been able to watch basically any dramas lately :(. Yes I know your heart is breaking for me too.

I finally was able to get started, so I am going to share with you my first impressions:

Perhaps this drama will be another one that takes a bit to warm up (after all, I only watched the first episode), but already we meet our 3 heroes and the ‘intrigue-factor’ is there.

Ji Sung is obviously a well-seasoned actor, and he is a very convincing entertainment industry-“hotshot” – ruthless, crazy, and unreasonable.

I did not watch Reply 1988 (*gasp* – I know, but the Reply series aren’t really my thing), but given the reviews, I’m expecting a lot from Hyeri. Given the little snippets of her relationship with her brother (played by Kang Min Hyuk), I would say that she seems like a really caring sister, and works hard – I like diligent people. Hopefully I learn more about her character in the next episode. Her relationship with her brother is very cute. To the point where I think her brother is the older sibling, and not the other way around.

***Note: These images are not from the first episode***

Jung Geu-rin’s (Hyeri) brother, Jo Ha-neul (Kang Min Hyuk) is right off the bat very mysterious. He is charged with and declared guilty of sexual harassment of his friend — which obviously seems like a false charge (you will see), but the drama peeps (producers) are not giving things away – their hook-line-and-sinker certainly worked on me. In addition, we are told that he wants to be a singer, but his parents vehemently are against it because they say the music killed his older brother. Of course, we are not told why.

This first episode was mostly how our heroes’ lives spiral into demise. Their slates are not only wiped clean, but sullied and wrecked to set the stage for the drama to unfold.

Overall, this drama seems pretty promising – but this probably means nothing because I’m so late to this party 😉  I haven’t seen anything phenomenal yet, but I’m keeping my eyes peeled, popcorn ready, and heart/mind wide open for some Ddanddara magic.

Nearing the homestretch of this drama (I finished episode 16, making next week the finale), I think by this point I can give this drama the ultimate thumbs up or not. Well, this drama is fun. It’s light, but not too light because we’re dealing with all the shady stuff that ‘happens’ in the entertainment industry. We see characters fighting to right wrongs – restoring reputations (getting rid of false charges) or returning songs to rightful owners, and etc. I honestly ship the Green-Ha Neul couple – but obviously this won’t happen by this point – and it obviously wouldn’t have happened from the start. What I like about this drama is that each member of the band was addressed on a fairly balanced scale – everyone has stories, and this drama knows this. What I didn’t like is that…well… I don’t really know. This drama wasn’t strong to the point where I rolled around in agony waiting for the next episode – then again, I haven’t been doing that lately, so maybe I’m slowly weening off of kdramas (?!) Neverthless, give this drama a watch. It’s not terrible, but it’s not super phenomenal. I like it though 🙂

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