Vampire Detective

Final Thoughts

(there are definitely spoilers)

Okay. So I didn’t like the ending too much. Of course characters had to die, premises for a possible season 2 had to be set – yadda. Yadda. Yadda.

But it sure wasn’t satisfying as a series – I’ve seen better.

Yep. The closest thing that comes to mind is – BINGO – the ‘Vampire Prosecutor’ franchise – also by OCN. It’s not really fair to pit these two – the detective and the prosecutor -together, obviously, because they are 2 completely series (they were angling for this, that’s why intention was followed with action). But. Still.

I’m not going to complain about his lack of vampy powers because he does have them, it’s just that the drama didn’t let him fine tune them – or perhaps because he is Yoon San. Remember, Yoon San was (1) forcefully forced into becoming a strange vampire that can see the light. (2) He is still haunted by the past, and very much unable to let go – so he is hanging on to being human. Thus, (3) He doesn’t accept his vampire identity, thus he is not a vampire, but a human. As a result, he does not use his vampire powers, not intends to, not feel the need to, not be curious about them to ‘explore’ – yadda yadda yadda.

I agree with other fellow viewers out there that we, as viewers, feel very unsatisfied because the show never tried to explain why Yoon San ‘sucked’ – even though he basically is the most powerful vampire (if he drank some blood) – HE BASK IN THE SUNLIGHT FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE.

Moving on from the complaints about the fundamentals of the plot that didn’t seem to work out too well, I feel like towards the end of the series, the drama should have been reaching a climax instead of feeding us a whole lot of flashbacks. Of course I know that the flashbacks were necessary, but eventually…it got a little out of hand. We want answers, but we want butt-kicking.

The one scene that made me want to rip out my hair was when Han Gyo Weul tampers with the friggin USB. OMG.Most superficial way to basically resolve a drama. I say this because this destiny USB, I’m going to call it, basically resulted in Yo Na totally converting back to the Jedi side, Yoon San facing death, Goo Hyeong facing death, Jung Yoo Jin facing death, and Kim Tae Woo going crazy and facing death. Ugh. I was rooting for this badass heroine. But that one USB move killed it, and I was giving her the stink-eye for the entire duration of the homestretch of the drama.

Back to the deaths. I was totally expecting bad guy Kim Tae Woo to die of course. And Yoo Jin. Totally fine with me – it was obvious. Yo Na of course had to die to because her character definitely needed a resolution after so many years of evil deeds – plus her change of sides sealed the deal. Her sweetheart died. Yep Yep.

BUT WHY USBs. WHY?! Such a strangely lame way to set the premises for season 2. Even more lame was the fact that Yoon San disappears. It really didn’t even give a mysterious/suspenseful feel. Usually when dramas pull a fast one on us like that, it’s supposed to evoke a reaction where we wail because we want season 2 to be out the very next day. However, this disappearance just gave me the “WTF?!”/eyeroll/rage- on demand-command (oh gosh. That was a rhyming mouthful.). Sighs. And what’s with all the characters (fine. It was just the leftover 2 of the trio) disbanding and going separate ways to look for Yoon San? Make. No. Sense. Boi.

Well…this has been one heck of a roller coaster…one of those baby roller coasters. The ones where at first you feel the funny jiggly bellybutton feeling…making it “thrilling”…but quickly turns into a expressionless. Reactionless. Zombie-esque ride. At the point when the drama lost that jiggly bellybutton factor, I think the only thing that kept me going was the fact that I needed to have my questions answered and because I was hoping things would get better.

Hopefully, the second season will be better.

Thank You Vampire Detective for the early thrills and the slight disappointments. Solid acting though!


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