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Mirror of the Witch 

datcheebie’s Thoughts so Far @ the 1/2Way Mark

As usual, if you don’t know about this drama, here is a quick little introduction:

Mirror of the Witch
Mirror Of The Witch Poster.jpg

Also known as Secret Healer
Witch Bogam
Genre Fantasy
Written by Yang Hyuk-moon
Directed by Jo Hyun-tak
Starring Yoon Shi-yoon
Kim Sae-ron
Lee Sung-jae
Yum Jung-ah
Kwak Si-yang
Country of origin South Korea
Original language(s) Korean
No. of episodes 20
Running time 70 minutes
Distributor JTBC
Original network JTBC
Original release May 13, 2016 – present

Source: Wikipedia

At this point, episode 12 has aired, but I have only watched episode 10, thus leaving me exactly at the halfway point of this drama. Although this drama requires the typical “5 years ago all the characters’ fates got tangled up >> BAM >> 5 years later stuff happens because the past always haunts us” drill… Mirror of the Witch is definitely a drama worth watching.

Although this very common set up for many dramas (especially ones involving fantasy), the pace is not slow. The story is not boring. In fact, it is all very interesting even though the story might be a bit dry. This seems contradictory? Yep. You’re right. But superb acting can do wonders. Yoon Shi Yoon’s comeback drama (after completing his military enlistment) does not disappoint.

What I like about this drama is of course (1) the superb acting. Yoon Shi Yoon is good, but of course Kim Sae Ron is simply amazing~ It’s amazing that she is only 15. Yep. That’s right.

The real charm about this drama is that viewers will keep their eyes fixed on the screen nodding along, encouraging the flow of the plot. However, the drama will throw out subtle disappointments, halting/impeding the heroes’ victory. Nevertheless, as a viewer myself, I can say that I’m not frustrated, but in fact, all of this makes me even more hooked. Magic anyone?

I know many people don’t fancy Saeguk much, but I would say that the drama doesn’t really focus all too much on the historical aspects – magic is the main focus. If you like mystery, fantasy, a bit of cute little romance, amazing acting talent – this drama is for you!


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