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Please Come Back, Mister

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Okay. I undestand that it doesn’t really make sense for me to be writing about a drama that aired “quite a while ago” (for all drama addicts out there, ya know – a drama that finished at least a month ago is old). However, I was actually kind of busy during the time this drama aired, and I wasn’t able to watch it 😦 Recently, I realized that the dramas lately have been quite a let down (eh hem. Yes, even you DoTs), so I was looking for something new to watch.

I’m not really into ‘the God of Noodles’ or ‘Monster,’ so I really didn’t feel like starting a currently airing drama. I totally ditched Moorim School, although I feel kinda bad – but not really. No matter how many times I wandered onto its page on Viki…I really could not get myself to watch the episode where I left off and finish the series. I didn’t even want to just watch the finale and be done with it. Sorry.

So after some wandering…and rewatching God’s Quiz 4, I remembered ‘Please Come Back, Mister.’ Seriously. One. Of. The. Best. Decisions. Of. My. Life.

Read on to see why this drama is a MUST WATCH. But. Spoilers Alert 🙂

You know the drill. Here’s a lovely chart to give you some specs on this drama:

Please Come Back, Mister
Come Back Mister.jpg
Also known as Come Back, Uncle
Come Back Alive
Come Back, Ahjussi
Genre Melodrama
Based on Mr. Tsubakiyama’s Seven Days
by Jirō Asada
Written by Noh Hye-young
Directed by Shin Yoon-sub
Starring Rain
Oh Yeon-seo
Kim In-kwon
Kim Soo-ro
Lee Min-jung
Lee Ha-nui
Choi Won-young
Yoon Park
No. of episodes 16
Original Network SBS

Source: Wikipedia

So. Basically,

Kim Youngsoo (Kim In-kwon) works at Sunjin’s department store. He and his wife Shin Da-hye (Lee Min-jung) actually have a pretty ‘shaky’ 10 year married relationship – clearly highlighted in the hours nearing Youngsoo’s death and after – because of Youngsoo’s over dedication to his job. He works long hours, but his company doesn’t even treat him well…so unfortunately his family has some debt to pay off. However, they try to make up for this by living a relatively happy life. During one of his OTs (overtimes), the ever so dedicated Youngsoo goes onto the roof to fix a banner, but he falls to his death. His company forcibly dismisses his death as a suicide to avoid the need to pay compensation and acknowledge that they overworked him.

Han Gitak (Kim Soo-ro) is a former gangster who now runs a restaurant with his ‘underlings.’ He has loved actress Song Yiyeon (Lee Ha-nui) basically all his life, but she has avoided him because of her reputation. Her ex-husband, Cha Jaegook (Choi Won-young) devised a scandal making her into a lowly celebrity who decides to have an affair with an up and coming young model so he can win the custody rights over their son. Gitak finds out and tries to help, but he is killed in a car accident at the same time as Youngsoo.

Youngsoo and Gitak both arrive in the afterlife, but they both are unwilling to go to heaven. Youngsoo wants to make sure his family will be able to survive and live happily without him and prove his death was not a suicide. Gitak wants to protect Yiyeon, as his death seems to not be an innocent accident. They are granted 2 months and return to life in new bodies: Youngsoo as illegitimate son of Sunjin Group; Lee Haejoon (Rain)-  and Gitak as Han Hong-nan (Oh Yeon-seo), a pretty young woman. They have to obey three rules, or else their original existence will be erased from the world.

I really liked this drama because it was fun, but it definitely had a serious plot at the same time. The ahjussis gaining hot new bodies after death and kicking butt?! That’s what I’m talking about.

My favorite character was definitely Han Hong Nan/Han GiTak. LOL. Like please. It was an ingenious move to put  a former gangster – a macho man – into the body of a woman. Force him/her into heels? Hilarity ensues. That’s not all of course. I really admire Han GiTak’s dedication and his love for Song Yiyeon. Even in the body of a woman, that sis-mance (sighs. ‘Bromance’ has such a nice ring to it…but ‘sisterhood’ doesn’t.) is just epic. This badass Han Hong Nan is super charismatic yet cute because her fists clearly don’t obey her. I really cried a bit for her character at the end (I’ll leave it for you to watch it – YOU MUST!).

If you like rom-com, but not the sappy sappy kind – this drama is for you. It’s fun, with a twinge of mystery and surprises at every turn. Friendship shines brightly~

And I totally ship Hong Nan and Seung Jae.

Oh. And did I mention? It’s been a while since a drama had such a satisfying ending. Beau~

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