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Doctorsdatcheebie‘s First Impressions

Doctors (on Dramafever, it’s titled Doctor Crush) starring Kim Rae won as Hong Ji Hong and Park Shin Hye as Yoon Hye Jung is not your typical typical medical drama. Why do I say this?

Well,  unlike your relatively more hard core medical dramas like D-Day/Doctor Stranger/Yong Pal, this time we have a heroine – a pretty badass one too. Yo Hye Jung lives like a gangster getting expelled from schools because her father has given up on her…so she inflicts this form on self-abuse. When her father finally abandons her, leaving her under Hye Jung’s grandmother’s care, Hye Jung decides to change her way of life after meeting friends and medical intern turned biology teacher, Hong Ji Hong.

Here are the specs:

Doctors (닥터스) poster.jpg
Also known as Doctor Crush
Genre Medical drama
Written by Ha Myung-hee
Directed by Oh Choong-hwan
Starring Park Shin-hye
Kim Rae-won
Lee Sung-kyung
Yoon Kyun-sang
Network SBS
No. of episodes 20

Source: Wikipedia


No Way Park Yong In (박용인) & Kwon Soon Il (권순일) of Urban Zakapa
Sunflower Younha ft. Kassy (케이시)
What do I like about this drama so far? Well for one thing – I AM SO LOOKING FORAWRD TO EPISODE 4!

Here’s a cool version of the preview a fellow fan made that I would like to share:


Credits to Ahpeng

Moving on. This drama marks to return of Park Shin Hye to dramaland 🙂 Previously, her characters were relatively similar, so even though she’s awesome, it’s nice to see her play a different type of character for a change. She doesn’t disappoint as she has been showing off her range quite well – even foregoing a stunt double and doing quite a few action scenes herself.

Although the romance between a teacher and a student with a pretty large age gap bothers me a bit, the drama has already swayed me to Yoo Hye Jung’s side! Lee Sung Kyung plays Jin Seo Woo – once a friend, but turns into Hye Jung’s rival due to her jealousy and a pretty petty sense of ‘betrayal’ she experienced. Lee Sung Kyung is best at what she does best – her spoiled girl act is always on point. Although her character is pretty awful in my eyes, it doesn’t mean that I think badly of Lee Sung Kyung. Her performance so far has been pretty impressive.

I haven’t seen anything by Kim Rae Won, but of course he’s solid. I don’t exactly like his character, but I’m glad his character has been such a reliable mentor to Hye Jung.

If you like medical dramas, but want a change – this drama is the stuff! A badass – not plucky. I repeat. NOT PLUCKY heroine. Armed with an IQ of 156 and awesome fighting skills, Yoo Hye Jung played by Park Shin Hye has quite a story to tell onscreen.  

By the end of episode 3, we have gone to the past and have returned back to the present. This is why I decided to share my first impressions of the drama at this point – before I watch episode 4 and weep afterwards because that means I have to wait another week for episode 5.

I have been avoiding spoilers, but beyond this point, there will be, so – SPOILERS ALERT

Some Rants:

  1. Ughhhhh. Why Teach Hong. Why?! If you know this smart, pretty, rich girl only studies and breathes WHY WOULD YOU STRAIGHT UP TELL/ACCUSE HER OF SPREADING RUMORS. That’s just going to push her to crazed biotch writing scandal-posts mode.
  2. Jin. Seo. Woo. Calm down. I understand that you’re a raging teen and school is stressful and you think your friend just betrayed you. BUT DID SHE REALLY??? Do you really have to go that far?
  3. Why. Why. Soon hee isn’t the brightest light bulb, but Hye Jung-ah. Why would you pick a sketchy building with open oil cans lying around. Why would you. Why.
  4. Doctors. Suck Ups. Yes Men Doctors. Did the entire medical team operating on Hye Jung’s Grandma really have no conscience at all?! And those 2 jerks who accosted Hye Jung during her confrontation with Seo Woo’s dad in her mourning garb – jerks.
  5. Seo Woo’s omma? Typical rude biotch mama.
  6. Ugh. Why would you accept that dirty money – it’s the “Shut Up Fee” obviously. That stepmother. Ugh.

Some Gushes:


Pound them well, Hye Jung. Pound them all 😉

  1. Tee hee~ I wonder how Lee Ki Woo’s cameo character is going to be like. What will be his attitude towards similarly gangsta Dr. Yoo Hye Jung?
  2. Sighs. Flashy return of Hong Ji Hong. But it was kinda cute how you asked about Hye Jung’s marital status.
  3. I’m not really digging Kim Soocheol aka motorcycle dude (Jisoo), but his crush on Hye Jung sure is something.
  4. Soon Hee-ah~~~ YOU DA BAE. Will you be back 13 years later?
  5. Oh puppy puppy (one living with Grandma) ❤

LOTS of Tears:

Hands up if Grandma + Hye Jung chemistry was too much for you to handle – the reins on your tear glands. WHY. WHY YOU KILL GRANDMA!



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