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Okay. That’s a pretty cheesy sounding title for a post. But this post is exactly that – ” A Blast From the Past” that hopefully will blast away your boredom in the lazy summer heat. This is a compilation of some posts from the past that either were very popular or fitting for tackling boredom – or both. Enjoy~

1. Looking for kDramas to Watch?

Look no further! .datkDramathatwasworth2x.

This is a spiffy list of dramas that were good enough to rewatch, whether the rewatch was within a couple of years, the year itself, the month, or even the week (withdrawal symptoms are serious)! If you need a good drama to satiate your thirst, try these dramas out while you wait for the next episode of a current ongoing drama or even that highly anticipated drama that’s set to air next week or [tragically] 2 months later.

2. The Running Man Collection

Are you a RM fan? Me too! 7012





And… a little reflection on Running Man:

.datRunning Man – A datJournal.

3. Who Can Avoid Talking about Descendants of the Sun?

Though I still don’t get the hype… .datDescendantsoftheSun .

I didn’t love this drama, and I still don’t completely understand how the hype was blown off proportions, but I of course still enjoyed aspects of it. Here’s what I liked and disliked~

4. Looking for kVariety?

Try out the new and ongoing Fantastic Duo!

At episode 11 right now, and episode 12 is set to air Jul 2 – this show is pretty awesome. Personally, I think that the first few episodes were better than the rest, but right now I really miss Lee Sun Hee.

5. DramaFever vs. Viki

.DramaFever vs. Viki..DramaFever vs. Viki NOW.

I didn’t realize that my “rants” about these 2 awesome platforms would garner so much attention… but they did. My opinions, although updated, are probably still outdated because both have been making improvements.

6. TVB…*sighs*

.TVB-whatdafudgearetheydoing?!. needs no update…

…because TVB hasn’t improved, and even if it hasn’t gotten worse, it is still stagnant in horribleness. “TVB” may be an unfamiliar term for many, but Hong Kongers would know. TVB is the “big bully” of the Hong Kong Entertainment World as it is an agency and broadcasting channel (and other stuff) – it is a dominator. However, due to years of “mistreatment” of its artists and staff, many of its talents have left, thus it is inevitable that the quality of TVB’s dramas have declined so drastically over the years. I also took some time to talk about some dramas by TVB that are worth your time (old or recent), so feel free to try out dramas from a new culture~

7. My Theory About kDramas

Yes. I have a BLACKLIST of kDramas for you:

.kDramastoAvoid[and an intro to kDramas].

There are kdramas that are really not worth your time – yes they do exist. It’s the absolute worst when you’ve spent hours with a single drama, but the ending ruins everything. EVERYTHING. Here, I present my advice to you (aka my blacklist) and my theory about dramas.

8. Oh My Venus

A drama competing for candidacy in my list of dramas worth the rewatch

9. Not really a Blast From the Past, but a MUST WATCH

Doctors  is an ongoing drama, but I can’t emphasize enough…MUST WATCH!

Here, I present my first impressions of this drama (wrote this when I was waiting for episode 4). Hopefully if the drama promos haven’t been enough, my words will be – to sway you over to the DOCTORS’ SIDE. MWAHAHAHAHAHA~ 😉

10. Really Need kVariety?

Infinity Challenge shouldn’t even need to be advertised because it is such a famous show.

I know some people aren’t too keen on watching IC/Mudo, but seriously – it guarantees laughter. I don’t really laugh that easily anymore, but quite a number of episodes of this show leave me reeling – I gain abs from laughing. I totally recommend the episodes where the crew go off to India, Africa, and China for Extreme Part Time Jobs!!!





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