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‘Beautiful Gong Shim’ or ‘Dear Fair Lady Gong Shim’ is a Saturday-Sunday drama currently airing on SBS starring Nam Goongmin as Ahn Dan Tae/Seok Joon Pyo and Girl’s Day’s Bang Minah as Gong Shim. These one hour long episodes of sweetness – a total of 2 hours of cuteness every week – is very sweet indeed. It’s nice to see Nam Goongmin not playing a villain after such a long time too!

This drama is totally full of silly fun~ But, of course, it wouldn’t be a Kdrama if it didn’t have the ‘kidnapped as a kid >> got adopted >> OMG this is not my real identity >> time to right the wrongs/gotta get my company back’ story line. Wouldn’t it?

Aside from the dark stuff (I am referring to the aforementioned typical cliche story line many kdramas have), this drama overall has a whole lot of cuteness. If I haven’t said that enough.

Well, what does this drama bring to the table?


Gong Shim is a heroine that you can’t help, but fall in love with – perhaps that’s why she’s in a love triangle between 2 men who start off as buddies, but are actually cousins – one who wants to reveal the truth, and the other who wants to keep the truth hidden to protect his family. Complications. Gong Shim is hardworking and a bundle of joy – but her life isn’t full of sunshine. She is supposed to be ‘ugly’ and ‘dumb’ because her smart, beautiful, and classy sister got all the good genes from their beauty pageant winner mother, whereas Gong Shim got the short end of the stick – from their father. Her sister is a lawyer, who has grown up as a spoilt brat – period. Turning her sister’s room into her walk in closet, she desires to snag a rich man and marry into a family that matches ‘her class.’ Not liking the sound of her much? Me too.

When she by chance encounters Seok Joon Soo aka heir of Star Group – guess whose radar goes pinging like crazy? Unluckily/luckily for her – Joon Soo has his eyes on Gong Shim, so Gong Mi (Missy Classy Lawyer Sis) – ever so classy – eavesdrops quite a bit to steal the cookie set out for Gong Shim – moving so annoyingly one step ahead.

But that’s alright – because we all ship Ahn Dan Tae + Gong Shim anyways. Ahn Dan Tae meets Gong Shim when he almost gets the heads-on jackpot…or um…flowerpot because Gong Shim knocks one over while she’s taking a bunch of selfies on her rooftop. She’s an aspiring artist, so rather than illogically expecting her parents and obviously her sister to help her fulfill her dreams of going to Italy, she rents out the rooftop house she lives in – and the tenant is set to be Mr. Ahn. Tee hee~

Here’s the proof of their contracted landlord-tenant relationship:


Mr. Ahn may seem like a delinquent nobody, but he’s actually a lawyer. Due to the fact that he feels guilty because he wasn’t able to protect his mother while he was in prison (after he was framed by a bully in school who had connections), he dedicates himself to secure justice for the weak. A man to be admired…



With the lovely love interest Gong Shim, truths to be hidden or revealed, and a bromance on the line, how will the love triangle/feud for the company aka the drama end? Just 4 more episodes left!


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