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W – Two Worlds

Did I mention that I am absolutely in love with this drama? I probably haven’t, since this will be my first post in a while. At this point, I have finished episode 4 – I am very up to date ya know 😉

So, at first I was kind of wary of this drama. I know I should expect something grand, because MBC has to churn out something worthy enough to compete with KBS’s Uncontrollably Fond, but the description for this drama just reeked of cheesiness:

…the love story between a woman from the real world and a man from a webtoon begins…

Oof. You see what I mean right? However, this drama is so intriguing! 

When cardiothoracic surgeon Oh Yeon-joo (Han Hyo-joo)’s father went missing while writing the last chapter of his webtoon “W”, she finds herself in his workshop to look for him. However, instead of finding her dad, she finds herself in front of a man lying on the ground wounded and on the brink of death. It turns out that Yeon-joo went into a different world and that the man she saved was Kang Chul (Lee Jong-suk), a man who happens to be the main character of her dad’s webtoon.

W (더블유) - poster.jpg
Also known as W – Two Worlds
Genre Romance
Written by Song Jae-jung (ko)
Directed by Jung Dae-yoon
Starring Lee Jong-suk
Han Hyo-joo
Country of origin South Korea
Channel MBC
No. of episodes 16

Source: Wikipedia

So, now that Wikipedia has done its job, let’s break things down:

Why Is This Drama So Epic?

The Concept

The Creator – basically the “God” of one world – the webtoon world – is the webtoon artist. After his creation develops a desire to change his own fate, to realize the reason for his own existence and to  find the “key to his life,” the Creator finds his creation to be a monster as his creation no longer is under the Creator’s control. Instead, the creation starts to develop a handle on the vulnerable Creator’s life. At every turn. the Creator seeks to kill off his creation, but the creation thwarts him at every turn. Over time, the Creator’s daughter find herself embroiled in this war that crosses two dimensions. It is not simply a spat between a father and daughter, but an intervention by the  daughter of the Creator who created, but now seeks to destroy his creation.

Kang Chul faces the difficult question: Why do I exist?

A Creator who has created his life to be a miserable one – what is the point of existing?

The Characters

I wouldn’t say that the two leads have full-blown chemistry at the moment, but I do find Oh Hyun Joo’s character very charming and Kang Chul matching her awesomeness every step of the way in his own right. The drama mandates the viewer to feel the angst the heroine feels, forcing us to willingly submit to the heartfelt action of rooting for her.

The Pace

I rarely am able to say this, but the pace is just right~ As every episode draws to a close, I find myself holding my breath and pining away for the next episode. My heart is fluttering for you episode 5!!! COME TO ME QUICKLY!

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