.dat Heartbreak – Gary’s Departure.

Literally. My World came crashing down when I found out about 2 weeks ago. Just like the members said in ep 324 “Goodbye Gary”, it seriously never occurred to me that “7012” (which means 7 members forever in Korean) would become…6. I took it for granted that my magnificent 7 would remain 7 even until the day when the show would end (which I don’t want, but over the years, I have been subconsciously preparing myself as the ratings are not that great and the show is definitely not quite popular in Korea despite the immense international fanbase). 

I’m still quite fearful of what an episode will be like without Gary. When the news reached my unsuspecting ears…I was shocked beyond words. I became numb, but I somehow teared up. The sadness then washed over me. “Washed” is an understatement. It felt liek a tsunami. I really, really, did not want this.

While watching the “Goodbye Gary” episode, I was grateful. I was grateful for the 7 years that Gary brought me laughter every week. I was grateful that this episode did not end up making me cry throughout (which I was dead set on doing) because laughter crept in and slapped me in the face throughout the show. I’m grateful that my 7012 will continue to exist behind the scenes. I’m sad I won’t be able to see them on my screen together, but I know Gary has dreams to achieve. The fact that the preview that aired right after that episode hinted at Gary’s participation as a special guest right after the farewell episode also helped.

After finishing the episode, a lot of weight had been relieved, but some still rested upon me. I wandered onto Instagram, and it saddened me greatly to physically see only 6 people in the stills for the next episode. 6. Not 7.

Nevertheless, I will forever hold all 7 dear in my heart. Monday Couple will forever be my ship! 7012!


For all other RM fans out there, I extend my hands to you as we will continue to wish Gary all the best~

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