.dat “I Love HK”.

I Love Hong Kong <我愛香港>

TVB’s 2016 Variety Show that Celebrates Hong Kong — Its culture, its people, its passion.

Screen Shot 2016-11-13 at 2.17.13 PM.png

Every week, Eric Tsang and what seems like his Super Trio family cumulative from all the years invite celebrities hailing from 2 different regions in Hong Kong every week to compete in a series of hilarious games while showing off the hidden talents and unique specialties from each region. 

From the fading industries to the surprising talent exhibitions, this show makes one truly appreciate the city of Hong Kong even more — and the celebrities’ antics definitely add to the fun! (You have no idea how often I gape when I find that TVB managed to get top stars like Miriam Yeung, Kelly Chen, Hacken Lee, and more on the show!)

TVB is lacking, but this show is a pretty good option if you feel like getting in a few laughs! You might even learn something!

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