.dat 幕後玩家 — Two Steps From Heaven TVB).

Ladies and Dudes, let’s take a moment and give a 👏 to the guys at TVB for finally delving into less superficial territory.

幕後玩家 — Two Steps From Heaven

First Impressions by datcheebie

TVB dramas are always quite a let down (See .TVB-whatdafudgearetheydoing?!.), but this one might prove different. From Bosco Wong’s performance thus far, he might prove to be a worthy contender for Best Actor against Ruco Chan (who, by the way, had a solid performance in A Fist Within Four Walls).

Two Steps From Heaven  explores the darker themes of a society where manipulation develops quite a strong grip on individuals — to the extent where they lose their way and instead start on a path towards eventual destruction (duh. We all know it’s coming) all for the lustful thirst for power. Such a fleeting thing; power.

A man, Sheldon (played by Bosco Wang), basically started out with nothing, and he indeed had to work hard to get to where he is now, but his “turning point” in his success is also the point where he became a twisted man who realizes that effort and integrity will not get you far — it won’t even protect you. He literally got beaten up to near-death just from doing his job because some rich dude (wow. So fresh.) didn’t appreciate some tenacity.

If you can’t beat them the honest way, you become a twisted puppeteer and control them.

On the other spectrum, Max aka 顧成雙 (played by Priscilla Wang) is your rich one, but she also seeks to rise to the top and gain power. Why? She’s that illegitimate daughter, everyone. Having bottled up her emotions her entire life, tolerating her “Mother’s” neglect, abuse, manipulation, purposeful sabotage, and worst of all, deliberate but phony adoration for her blood-related brother as a horrible measure to spoil him and render him incapable of surviving on his own — she breaks.It’s kind of cute that her character actually marries her real-life boyfriend (played by Edwin Siu), but this cute and innocent relationship certainly won’t remain intact by the end of the drama.

If you’re looking to give TVB a second chance, give Two Steps From Heaven a chance. Exploring greed and the darkness of humanity, this drama will make you reflect — is it the environment that shapes the character or was there something already inside…?

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