.2016 – Year-End Drama Awards.

Taking a Closer Look @ the 2016 SBS/MBC/KBS Drama Awards








To be very frank, of all the Daesang (Grand Prize) winners from the 3 major broadcasting networks, SBS was the most fair. Sometimes, broadcasting networks seem to just give the Daesang to the actor/actress who was extremely popular in an extremely popular drama, which I don’t have anything against in particular, but it makes me kind of sad because veteran actors who consistently worked so hard over the years do not get the recognition they deserve, even in the present day after so many years of stellar performances. This is why I seriously want to applaud SBS for this awarding. Han Suk Kyu is technically the main character of “Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim” because he plays the titular character, but at times, the audience may be more fixated on Dr. Yoo Seo Jung & Dr. Kang Dong Joo, who are also main characters in their own right. Seamlessly weaving in his experienced skills into the drama, Han really brought his character to life. He may not be as young and pretty as some of the other actors, not is his character fluffy and sparkly, but he shines in his own way. Good job SBS for doing one thing right! I was a bit disappointed in the nominations for the Daesang, some winners for other awards, and I did cringe a lot when Lee Hwi-Jae kept on digging graves for himself (HWAITING TWINS’ PAPA!), but I’m very satisfied with the Daesang selection. Nam Goongmin should get something of this caliber soon too because, boy, he is a great actor — swinging between his psychopath role in “Remember” to a bumbling and just lawyer who’s full of cuteness in “Beautiful Gongshim.”

I don’t really have any hard feelings or anything towards MBC’s choice of Lee Jong Suk as the 2016 Daesang Winner because I really enjoyed “W” and he is a pretty good actor, but the politics behind the award show was quite loud and clear. Shopping King Louie’s team delivered a pretty good performance, and justly, MBC gave Seo In Guk a seat in the nominations for Daesang — BUT —let’s be honest here. “W” was obviously the “blockbuster” product that MBC rolled out in 2016, and it was packaged to reap in the wins. Of course, Lee Jong Suk, Han Hyo Joo and the team had to carry through, but it was all expected, and my reaction was a smirk + smiles + applause for Lee’s win. Unfortunately, MBC doesn’t do things like KBS, so Han Hyo Joo didn’t really get to share the honor, but I think we can all agree that Kang Chul delivered a ad bit more, even though the audience empathized with and sympathized Han Hyo Joo’s character more throughout the drama. It was unfortunate that Lee Sion (the webtoon artist assistant) didn’t really get much, but I think he should be getting more recognition from now on because his performance was pretty solid, if you ask me.

Here we are. Song-Song couples surprising-but-not-surprising-at-all win. Come on. If they don’t give them the Daesang, the world would not be at peace. This win screamed politics and capitalism through and through, and for the right reasons, and I agree that both delivered amazing acting, but one cannot feel bad for Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung. As the drama that allegedly caused divorce rates in China to spike, “Descendants of the Sun” is probably that drama that made the KBS executive big shots cackle over golf outings due to the money and popularity they raked in. Moolah!!! Let’s actually take a moment to imagine not giving the Daesang to both Song Joong Ki and Song — the end of the world. Let’s take another moment to imagine giving the award to only one of them — pretty savage world on the brink of destruction full of hard feelings. Now let’s look at reality, where we still see world peace (sort of…) and enjoy the glorious sights of the Song-Song couple accepting the joint-win. In a way, I think Song Hye Gyo definitely deserved this award because although she is one of the top-paid actresses in the industry, she does have the acting skills to boast about and she isn’t even boastful about it. I’ve been a pseudo-Song Jong Ki fan since the “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”/Running Man Days, so I’m very happy that he got it too. Especially, I’m happy for him because he made such a great comeback right after being discharged from the army. He seems to be losing a bit of the flowery bit to him in exchange for a more manly, mature, and sophisticated image, but that’s nice too. I’m a bit sad that he didn’t say something about Lee Kwang Soo though during his speech, even though he doesn’t really have a reason to… AND WHY DIDN’T LEE KWANG SOO GET ANYTHING FOR HIS HWARANG CAMEO? Okay, okay. I can answer my own question — it was a cameo. Still stellar, Giraffe, stell-ar. I also feel bad for Kim Yoo Jung because she was so amazing for her young age (makes me feel like a bum), but in a way it makes sense to not give her such big awards at such a young age. Seeing her abilities right now at this young age astounds me, because I can’t imagine how great she will be when she becomes a true veteran.

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