.dat Goblin— Homestretch Impressions.

‘Goblin’ Homestretch Impressions

As the finale scheduled to air this weekend nears, datcheebie presents to you some thoughts.WARNING: There are spoilers towards the end, but will be marked with a caution-tape line.

How can a drama be so beautiful?

As you may be aware, this drama has become quite a sensation. From the long coat craze sparked by the Goblin and Grim Reaper duo, to the OSTs dominating the charts, this drama is just too awesome for words.


NAVER TOP 100 — GOBLIN OST TRACKS OCCUPY 2nd–5th, 7th, 11th, 13th-15th, 19th, 24th-25th, 38th

While I was not much of a fan of ‘Descendants of the Sun,’ penned by Kim Eun Sook who is behind the magic of ‘Goblin,’ she totally got me with her magic this time around. Every single character is loveable — yes, even Park Joong Won the creepy villain. My love for him is in the form of hell. Although these characters are fantastical, and they are indeed fantastic, they can be very relatable. Both Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook are quite established as actors, and while their images are full of sophisticated & charismatic swag, it’s amazing how this image transcends into their realm of dorky bromance in this drama.

The chemistry among these actors is not a joke. Some of the most memorable scenes include the two tall actors’ model-esque struts in their flowy long coats. Although the first time around, they were completely serious, I found myself grinning from ear to ear because somehow, in all seriousness, the strut was too awesome that it was funny. The second time around when they strutted their stuff as they were too engrossed in their own swag that they reenacted “The Strut,” I ended up with abs from the laughter that ensued.

I know Kim Goeun from ‘Cheese in the Trap‘ and while the drama did end up falling short, I liked how she brought her character to life. She also does a great job in ‘Goblin’ as her innocence is not only convincing but it’s not your cliche kind of innocence. Ji Eun Tak is pure and innocent, but she is still a human – not an embodiment, and Kim Goeun does an excellent job of portraying that humane essence very realistically.

The cinematography is also very breathtaking, as many people are aware, but so is that chemistry 🙂



  • When Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) watches Train to Busan with Ji Eun Tak (Kim Goeun) I nearly died. By itself, Gong Yoo’s “HOLY-I’M-SO-FRIGGIN-SCARED-SOMEONE-SAVE ME” expressions & popcorn throwing was on point. However, if you were aware that Gong Yoo was one of the leads in the movie, you’d get a bonus cackle or two. Yes, 939 year old goblins who used to be generals are terrified of zombies.
  • The Struts. LOL as I mentioned I was grinning from ear to ear when the Goblin and Grim Reaper killed off all the streetlights and strutted their stuff down the country road to deal with the loan sharks/gangsters who abducted Eun Tak. Now that slice that split the car enough was awesome — I wonder what “Neck Slice!” Henry has to say about this scene. Later on, when Eun Tak says she thought the duo looked super cool back then, the immortal duo gives us an encore performance as they strut their stuff in a dark tunnel…holding bags of spring onions from their grocery trip. They get yelled at by an ahjussi on a motorbike for not using the sidewalk and acting like idiots. The duo good-naturedly wave after the ahjussi and wish him a happy new year as they are too entranced by their own swag. Pfft.
  • Orabeoni?! When Deokhwa suggests that the Grim Reaper could be the reincarnation of Kim Shin’s sister, Grim Reaper-jussi is totally up for it as he eagerly tries out the greeting, only to get rejected. Then we see him relentlessly practicing calling Kim Shin “Orabeoni” LOL.
  • “Freeze!” LOL In the scuffle for to-pick-up-the-call-or-to-not-pick-up-the-call from Sunny, Grim-Reaper-jussi freezes space-time to practice what he’s supposed to say. Initially, Goblin-jussi goes along with it, but after about three version tests, he can’t stand it anymore and ends up showing off the same power too by stuffing bread into Deokhwa’s mouth.
  • BTS & EXO Secretary Kim proposes things that girls like these days, and BTS tops the list along with EXO. He could be an idol with those dancing skills, but thank goodness he’s Chairman Yu’s secretary because he helped clarify that EXO is not alcohol.
  • Egg  Whites & Egg Yolk. On the rare day when the Grim Reaper forgoes the black for white for an angel concept (I thought he looked more like a doctor in a gown), Sunny and “Kim Woo Bin” get compared to egg yolk and egg whites by Goblin-orabeoni in an attempt to help the couple reconcile. Smooth move? Not.
  • Jaw Drop. Yes, Grim Reapers love morning dramas. LOL it was a nice satire on drama twists by the way. 

If you like fantasy that is not overboard, a touch of romance, a healthy dose of comedy, some action, and a artfully crafted concoction of the above, ‘Goblin’ is the drama of the day for you. A sophisticated and flavorful blend, it’s a pity that ‘Goblin’ is a cable drama (by TVN) because with all the rage it’s causing in variety shows across all three major broadcasting channels (see MBC’s Infinity Challenge’s reference), this drama could rival the DOTS syndrome. All the actors deserve recognition too. Simply amazing. I am willing to bet that I will return to this drama a few months later and still be enchanted even if I remember every single minute of it vividly (see this list of dramas worth a rewatch).

For now, I can only sustain myself with the amazing OSTs as I eagerly await the 3 episodes of the finale.


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