.dat TVB My Unfair Lady 不懂撒嬌的女人.

My Unfair Lady

This drama has just come to a close, but the buzz is still not over yet! (Check out this video: ep 84 Saving Cherry’s KDrama/不懂的撒嬌的熊仔)


My Unfair Lady》 (Chinese : 不懂撒嬌的女人) is TVB’s first 4K production drama. It stars Jessica Hsuan, Natalie Tong, Frankie Lam and Vincent Wong as the main leads, with Lai Lok-Yi, Samantha Ko and Gloria Tang as the main supporting cast. It would be aired concurrently on TVB JadeHub Drama First, Astro On DemandAstro GO and MyTV SUPER.

This drama marks the return of Jessica Hsuan and Frankie Lam to TVB.

The story revolves around two strong-willed cousins, Molly (Jessica Hsuan) and Cherry (Natalie Tong), who are successful career women. With Mainland Chinese and Taiwanese women in their way, would they be able to win the hearts of the men they love? [1]          

Source: Wikipedia

It’s been a while since I’ve given a nod of approval to a TVB drama, but this one is definitely a nice change. I disagree that budget = results, but for TVB dramas, I guess it works if you manage to use that budget on production staff worth the money. Enough of this talk, and let’s get right to it!

  1. Cast

With stars from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China — this is already quite global for a TVB drama. With the return of Jessica Hsuan and Frankie Lam, the 2 veterans have led the story line to good places with  their seasoned acting and the touching romance between their characters. Another couple that has captured the hearts of many (and broken the hearts of many with the controversial ending) is the Saving & Cherry couple. Vincent Wong and Natalie Tong are sure to reach another peak in their careers after their stellar performance in setting viewers’ hearts on fire constantly. They portrayed their characters’ love story that is full of twists and turns that are not forced, but easy to accept and have hearts tangled in very well.

2. Characters

  • Mall 姐/Molly Ling (Jessica Hsuan): she’s one touch cookie guys. To be honest, I could understand her character, but at some points, my rationale could not help me and stop me from hating her a little bit. It’s her personality to be controlling, but I really did not like how she treated Cherry regarding Cherry’s relationships with Hanson and Saving. I’m glad that she was able to get over her wounds and have her heart thaw, so the once bright and warm Molly could learn to love the people around her again.
  • Gordon (Frankie Lam): Jerk. LOL. Basically that’s how he was when he abandoned Molly all those years ago, and ended up becoming a player. However, he’s the only one who could get Molly to open up again — and in a way open his own heart up again. I’m glad that he picked up the ring.
  • Saving (Vincent Wong): Okay. This might be my favorite or at least second in line character. My heart does still ache for him, especially even after he waited 2+ years — complete with daily selfies on ICQ and the Bobby Band. However, I can still accept the ending – as confusing as it is. I will always root for them though! If TVB awards had Best Couple voted by viewers like the Korean Drama Awards do — they’d get the sure win.
  • Cherry (Natalie Tong): I like how she’s not a damsel distress, but not too strong like her cousin (Molly) because it gives her enough spunk to yell at the Chairman, but fully love and protect those around her. She’s fully devoted to her cousin, not in a subservient way, but through love. Even when Molly did something that was unforgivable, yes, Cherry did leave her, but she came back when Molly needed someone — anyone — to simply stand by her. I don’t hate Cherry for what she did in the ending, because I think she did want the best for Saving. No Pain No Gain?
  • 賤Han/Hanson (Lai Lok Yi): Oh boy. This dude is just so easy to hate, but yet funny at the same time. I’m glad that he ended up with someone who does want him (even though I find it a bit absurd that it was Saving’s cousin), but oh boy. The actor has totally made a name for himself with this character though — I’m sure viewers will remember this character and his nickname for quite a long time.

3. Ending — Yep./Netizens

Here comes the touchy subject. After the airing of the finale, the internet had been set ablaze by furious netizens who could not accept the sad + confusing + open of the open-est endings every. I totally empathized with one netizen who commented on the TVB forum that he/she went to bed after watching the finale, but had to get up 2 hours later to rant on the forum because his/her heart was aching too much for the Saving x Cherry couple. Me too. Me too.

On the other hand, I am somewhat at a lost because I personally think that people should be saying that they hated the ending — they clearly loved the drama and the ending clearly incited their passion. Sure, it was not an ideal ending for Saving and Cherry, but I don’t think that Cherry deserves hate, necessarily. Like many things in life, their relationship didn’t work out after those 2 years, but it doesn’t mean that it didn’t “work out completely.” The producers chose not to explicitly tell us how the character feel/think, but rather showed us their reunion and most raw reactions of Saving and Cherry.

My heart did break for Saving, but it also broke for Cherry. For someone who was completely betrayed by Hanson, who ended up opening up to Saving and even embraced his entirety — his dreams, his fears, and just him — she also sacrificed a lot. I’m not saying that Saving didn’t sacrifice a lot for their relationship, because his love for her is clear as water. Please remember that Cherry let fate/the coin decide, and that’s why she left. Rather than treating the open ending as something more open, why not look at it as individual events? Cherry was obviously conflicted when she left after trading their ten dollar coin for the Bobby Band, so (1) She’s human, (2) she likely has lingering feelings – the kind is debatable, (3) there is definitely something going on that the producers have chosen to leave offscreen.

Rather than hate the ending, I think viewers should appreciate it more. Good Job TVB! You’ve successfully caused quite a stir.

Leave your comments below! I want to hear what you guys think! 🙂

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