.dat Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Review.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Review

Yes, yes, yes! Is there any more that needs to be said? (Actually Yes.)


Strong Woman Do Bong-soon
StrongWomanDoBong-soon (Main poster).jpg

Promotional poster
Network JTBC
Original Release February 24 – April 15, 2017
Running Time 90 Minutes
Number of Episodes 16 + 1 special

Source: Wikipedia
This drama is just so darn precious. Do Bong Soon (Park Boyoung) is little  package packed with spunk, cuteness, and a strong butt-whipping sense of justice. Among all the petite actresses out there, I can see why the production picked Park Boyoung — she has shown herself time after time as a strong actress who can be cute, but still ooze the charisma needed.


Do Bong Soon (Park Boyoung), carrying on the burdensome superhuman strength that has been passed down the female lineage in her family, struggles to live a normal life. One of her reasons is that her crush (In Gukdoo)’s ideal type is one that is your typical damsel in distress type — needs to be protected. What good is being this guy’s childhood friend in the quest for his heart when you’re just the opposite — the one capable of protecting? Her dream is to become a video game designer where she can allow the character, based after her, to use superstrength all she wants in her stead to beat up injustice (literally.) She ends up becoming Ahn Minhyuk’s bodyguard, but this is not a simple job. When a series of sickening kidnappings occur in her neighborhood, she finds herself tangled up in this mess and races against time to find the victims.

Ahn Minhyuk (Park Hyungsik), is the rich heir who decides to start his own gaming company so he doesn’t have to be in the typical war for the inheritance in chaebol families. His decision was right though, because even though he is playful, spoiled, unpredictable, and untrusting — his company is highly successful and becomes the dream of many aspiring video game designers like Bong Soon herself. Making enemies for himself everywhere, he hires Bong Soon as his body guard, and in the search for the blackmailing culprit, they stumble upon a serial kidnapping case instead.

In Gukdoo (Jisoo), the frustrating second male lead. LOL. Sorry — but he’s the dense and hotheaded police officer who ends up getting transferred from a nice precinct in Seoul to the precinct in his neighborhood —it must be fate though, because he finds himself in a race against the serial kidnapper. His elegant girlfriend may be everyone’s envy, but is his concern for Bong Soon simply concern for a friend?


I really liked the main characters in this drama, even though it was pretty obvious how their relationships would play out. When it was pretty obvious that Gukdoo was clearly misunderstanding his feelings for Bongsoon, I wanted CEO Ahn to get outta here for a bit and give them two a chance — they’ve been at it for their whole lives, for heaven’s sake! It’s about time! But of course, at that point, Bong Soon has already fallen for CEO Ahn, and CEO Ahn has already fallen for Bong Soon (they’re so cute). Even though Bong Soon was born with her superhuman strength, I still found it really cute how she isn’t really good at controlling it. I especially liked how she accidentally (?) impaled a chopstick into the kitchen counter, and a couple of episodes later, they cleverly transformed the chopstick into a Korean flagpole. A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E. We should give Jang Mikwan who acted as the Kidnapper some credit though for the explosions of cuteness in this drama, because he was so creepy that the dark backdrop highlighted the cuteness even more —stark contrasts work! Kim Won Hae (who had a pretty awesome role in Chief Kim) pulled off both of his characters seamlessly. He went back and forth from the gangster to the sputtering feminine Head of the Development Planning Team. Secretary Gong (Jeon Seokho) was pretty awesome, and his appearances guaranteed laughs.

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