.dat 2017 Drama — Top 10 Picks.

Hi everyone! I know we’re just at the halfway mark for 2017, but I figured with all the amazing dramas 2017 had for us, might as well start a bit early! I tried my best in terms of “ranking” the dramas I actually watched this year — from this year (Signal aired back in 2016, so it won’t be on this list even though I just finished it and wrote a review). Rather than numbering them, I’ll just make it super relative: the top will be, well, the top picks from me to you BUT that does not mean that #10 is bad or anything! These are the top 10 (for now), so they’re all pretty good! Over the second half of 2017, some of these dramas might disappear from this list and be replaced by others, but this might also not be the case (hopefully second half won’t be that bad).

Well, enough from me! Here’s my

UPDATED 8/7/2017 TOP 10 DRAMAS FROM 2017

  • Goblin: Seriously one of my favorite dramas of all time, so of course it had to make it onto the top picks for 2017! With an overdose of fantasy and heart wrenching moments topped with sprinkles of cuteness (bromance, romance — you want it? You got it!), ‘Goblin’ ensures that you will have lots of fun!


  • Strong Woman Do Bong Soon: The right ratios of cuteness and superhuman strength went into this amalgam! Do Bong Soon guarantees justice will be served — but so will some comical butt-kicking from all the extremely fun characters! It might look overly sappy, but it’s really not — it has enough creepiness to keep the drama from becoming a soggy mess, but rather one of the best of 2017!


  • Chief Kim: Sure, this drama did quite well in terms of ratings, but I still feel like its underrated. I’m no where near middle-aged, but I still found this drama relatable and quite entertaining, so I kind of wished that it had a larger following 😦 Nam Goongmin may not be a flower boy, but he sure is a great actor who can take on the blood-chilling villain roles as well as the just yet psycho Chief Kim. The Gluttonous Sociopath Seo Yul is a great bonus too.


  • Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim: I’m not a doctor, so I’m not faced with the struggles between saving lives and “success,” but this drama inevitably will suck you in and put you in those shoes — and make you reconsider how you’ve been living your life so far. What does it mean to be human? To want to “improve” yourself? What is success?


  • Circle: for the first time, kdramaland has finally ventured into alien territory properly – so how could I not put this on the list? This is still an ongoing drama, but with its intriguing layout (2017 and 2037 are separate yet linked story lines), there is a surprise at every turn. BTW I’ve resorted to calling Byul/Hang Jung Yeon “Alien Unni” at this point.


  • Ruler: Master of the Mask: Yoo Seungho is back with another astounding performance alongside Kim So Hyun who is always so reliable despite her age. Kim Myungsoo/L plays the “substitute” King, but we will have to see who has truly become the true master of the mask and the ruler after 5 years.


  • Naked Fireman: It is likely that many might have not even heard of this drama and be kind of appalled by the suggestive title — BUT I SWEAR IT’S A FINE DRAMA! At 4 episodes long, it packs enough mystery comparable to that of W but without the somewhat disappointing wishy-washy towards the end when it seemed like ‘W’ was just throwing in twists for no good reason, and somewhat failed at executing them properly too. This drama tells the story of a fireman who is mistaken to be a murderous arsonist, but has to race against time to prove his innocence when everything — including the sole surviving witness’ memory — works against him. Even until the very last episode, we are left wildly trying to identify who the actual culprit is.


  • My Sassy Girl: An ongoing drama no less, it is delivering much fun as promised as a remake of the hit 2001 movie My Sassy Girl. With petty fights among wives about designer handbags(?) in Joseon and a Princess gone rogue, Joo Won and Oh Yeon Seo promise lots of fun!


  • The Best Hit: Ongoing, but with highly experimental newbie PD’s; LAPD (LOLOLOL Cha Tae-hyun) and Yoo Ho-jin of 1N2D, you might get something pleasantly different from this drama about Yoon Shi Yoon as a popular idol from the 90’s who ends up in 2017 trying to find out about his suspicious disappearance that ruined some lives in addition to his (obviously).



  • My Secret Romance: I don’t know why I got into this drama, but it was kind of cute and fun to see a nutritionist come to terms with her ero-actress mother and a man who was changed by their one night stand.

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