.dat Signal Review.

4.8/5 Yes, it has almost been two years since the original airing of this drama, but better late than never right? While waiting for the next episodes to air over the weekend, I blazed through the much-buzzed-about ‘Signal’ and will now present to you my review of it:

Signal datcheebie’s Review

Signal Korean Drama.jpg

Promotional poster
Network tvN
No. of Episodes 16
Running Time

80 min

Original Release January 22 – March 12, 2016
Awards 52 Baeksang Arts Awards (Best Drama, Best Actress, Best Screenplay)

5th APAN Star Awards (Best Writer, Top Excellence Actor in Miniseries)

tvN10 Awards (Daesang Actor, Best Actress, PD’s Choice, Best Content Award for Drama)

1st Asia Artist Awards (Daesang)

Korea Content Awards (Presidential Commendation)

5th CARI K Drama Awards (Drama of the Year, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actor, PD’s Award for Best Ensemble Cast. Best Original Score)

Source: Wikipedia

A solid team of actors and production staff delivering a solid performance through and through for 16 episodes. If you wanted an elevator pitch, that would be it.

Usually, i do not go through the trouble of listing all the awards a drama is affiliated with, but ‘Signal’ boasts such an extensive list, that I felt like I had to show it the respect. #Respect

You probably have heard these opinions already, but what sets this drama apart is the well-written story that literally transcends space and time and is delivered so well from script to life by the actors and directing, but the production takes it a step further by delivering everything from life to the screen to the viewers. With veteran actors like Cho Jin-woong and Kim Hye-soo taking the helm, they truly brought words on page to life through their portrayal of their complex characters. Lee Je-hoon was propelled into a whirlwind of success with this drama, and I kind of wished that he snatched a Best Actor or Excellence or something, but I’m sure all viewers and productions who sent him love calls after this drama communicated their acknowledgement of his abilities quite clearly.

The magic of this drama is that in every episode, as we are sucked into the chase by our detectives from 2015 or the past, we are constantly reminded how heavy the burden of justice can be, especially when the changed past can have drastic consequences for the future. I was intrigued by how Lt. Park Hae Young (Lee Jehoon)’s character handled the different layers/versions of his memories from the constant changes in history. I’m glad he handled it quite well, and the screenplay made it acceptable, but oh boy. That was probably really tough.

Despite the complexity that comes with “time travel” dramas (although this one technically isn’t a time travel drama, but a more complicated type), everything made sense. That’s actually really hard to do! Without chunks of episodes that sat the viewers down with lectures, I was able to follow along quite easily despite skipping some parts of episodes when things got a bit slow for me (Sorry!!!). This just means that everything the viewers needed to know was truly woven skillfully into the fabric of this drama.

Is this my favorite drama of all time? No. Is this my favorite crime drama of all time? No, but it certainly is one of the best, if not the best — extremely well written and delivered! 4.8/5!!!

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