.dat Ruler: Master of the Mask Thoughts.

With Yoo Seungho, Kim So Hyun, Kim Myung Soo (Infinite’s L) and Yoon So Hee leading, I was drawn to this drama. Maybe because things aren’t going our protagonist’s way right now, I am extremely frustrated with the drama and find myself skipping over a lot of the scenes, but at about three quarters into the drama, I feel like things are getting a bit draggy.

The Emperor: Owner of the Mask

Promotional poster
Genre Historical
Episodes Total 40 (half-hour episodes)
Network MBC
Starring Yoo Seung-ho
Kim So-hyun
Kim Myung-soo
Yoon So-hee
Heo Joon-ho
Park Chul-min
Original Release May 10, 2017 – present
Days of Airing Wed/Thur

Source: Wikipedia

Episodes 27-28 just aired yesterday, so we are currently about three quarters into this drama. ‘Ruler: Master of the Mask” is about masked Crown Prince Lee Sun’s (Yoo Seungho) quest to reclaim his throne and overthrow the insidious Pyunsoo Group. Caught in this struggle is Lady Han Ga-eun (Kim So Hyun), whom the Crown Prince loves, and Commoner Lee Sun (Kim Myung Soo/L), who becomes the fake Crown Prince/King.

I won’t delve deep into the plot or give a summary, but basically you will see a power struggle, a love triangle (more like a square if you count Lady Hwa Gun’s unrequited love for the Crown Prince), and lots of medicine/drugs/poison. De-lish.

As I mentioned, currently the drama is about three quarters done — and we have just entered the real frustrating draggy phase. Maybe because it’s that kind of phase in the plot where the characters finally suffer from their stupid misunderstandings that didn’t get resolved and start playing dirty, BUT OMG. This pace is just suddenly so slow! This drama is a saeguk (historical) so politics can be slow — but this drama actually had a pretty fast momentum despite being that genre. Until now.

Hopefully the pace picks up again, because I can’t really watch the characters cry for like 5 minute straight. I mean, these are all talented actors, but it’s a little too much, ya know?

Overall, taking into account my frustration at the moment, I would give this drama a 3.7/5.

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