.dat Breaking News: Song Joongki & Song Hyekyo’s Marriage.


I’m sure many of you have caught a whiff of this by now, because this piece of news certainly washed out all of my social media feed! After rounds of denial about dating “rumors” (now known to be facts, not rumors), Song Joongki and Song Hyekyo have not only admitted that they have been in a relationship since 2015, but are going to tie the knot on October 31, 2017 aka Halloween!


The Song-Song couple from Descendants of the Sun was a great hit, but who expected this?! There romance has graduated from being an on-screen kind of thing and has become reality.

To be honest, I still feel kind of weird about this — you could call it disbelief, but it’s not because I am an emotionally-attached fan of either actor/actress. I would say that I’m in a state of denial probably for the following reasons:

  1. Totally did not see this coming. With all the recent news about dating rumors surrounding the two, I basically just dismissed everything as a rumor. Especially since the two also denied that they were dating, I continued to think that this was just the tabloids trying to make up stories again. Song-Song Couple have stepped up to explain that they denied that they were dating time and time again because they felt that their marriage is a private thing, but they are finally publicly addressing it because they want to share their happy news.
  2. I didn’t really like DOTS. Aside from the OST and the talented cast, I didn’t really like this drama too much. Sure, the Song-Song Couple are crazy popular, but I really couldn’t say that they had chemistry. They managed to pull off their romance in the drama quite well, in my opinion, because of their talent as actors — but I wasn’t really hooked. Their chemistry wasn’t a big fat “wow” to me at all, so this real-life twist is so crazy to me.
  3. Song Joongki compared to Song Hyekyo’s previous S.O.’s. If you do a very simple search on Wikipedia, you will find that Song Hyekyo dated Lee Byunghun and Hyun Bin before. Having images of these actors in mind, I juxtapose these images with Song Joongki’s — and I’m like — whatttttt??? Don’t get me wrong. Song Joongki is charming and can be quite masculine/manly, but I don’t know… he’s still more of the flower boy type to me. Song Hyekyo’s image, if I’m not wrong, is a quiet, classy lady. Going with stereotypes, I can see why she previously dated these tall, manly types. BUT Song Joongki? Interesting.

Nevertheless, I do congratulate the two and weep for Kwangsoo (once romance takes the stage, there is less time for bromance after all). I can’t say from the bottom of the heart that I am excited for the two…as it all still feels really weird for me…but CONGRATS!


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