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I usually don’t list the directors in the little chart I grab from the Wikipedia article, but ‘The Best Hit’ aka ‘Hit the Top’ has directors that are noteworthy; actor and 1N2D member Cha Tae Hyun, 1N2D PD Yoo Ho Jin, and Kim Sanghoon.

Given the Variety element, The Best Hit promises fun ๐Ÿ™‚

Hit the Top
Hit the Top Poster.jpg

Promotional poster
Also known as The Best Hit[1]
Network KBS

32 (30 minute episodes)

Directed by
Original Release

June 2ย โ€“ July 22, 2017

Synopsis In the year 1993, a 90s idol travels to 2017, where he finds out that he will mysteriously disappear and be pronounced dead in 1994. Then the unexpected twists begin.

Source: Wikipedia

The Best Hit revolves around the consequences of Yoo Hyun Jae (Yoon Shi-yoon)’s “betrayal” in 1993 and disappearance/death in 1994. The popular idol member of the duo J2 is cocky as he is talented, reaping in huge profits from their first album for Lee Soontae (Lee Deok-hwaย )’s World Entertainment. The 1993 Yoo Hyun Jae, however, believes that the huge profits from the first album belong entirely to him, as his talents did more that what his agency or his overshadowed partner Park Youngjae (Hong Kyung-min) ย could have ever contributed. As a result, on a fateful rainy night due to a rare twin typhoon, he takes all the money and cuts himself off from J2, World Entertainment, and his friend and manager Lee Gwang Jae (Cha Tae-hyun). After he hides the money in his rooftop house, he proceeds to go down the stairs, but fate has it โ€” he slips on a cardboard sign down the stairs, through time, and into the year 2017 โ€” right into the path of a car.

Fate also has it that this car used to belong to Yoo Hyun Jae, and is driven at the present by Hyun Jae’s biological son Lee Ji Hoon (Kim Min-jae) and is carrying Ji Hoon’s friends; MC Drill (Dong Hyun-bae) and Choi Woo Seung (Lee Se-young). Things happen, and Hyun Jae lives with Ji Hoon and his “homeless” friends in that special rooftop house, feigning memory loss. With his “tacky” 90s fashion and expressions, he tries to find out what exactly happened in ’94 to result in the misery of the members of World Entertainment and the fortune of now successful Young Jae, owner of Star Punch Entertainment.

The first couple of episodes were literally cameo parties that were Just. E-P-I-C. From1N2D members to Lee Kwang Soo, nothing could make me more giddy :))))))) But, of course, there were a whole lot more cameos to take note of:

Special appearances

What makes this drama so fun is that although we have amateurs manning the production of this piece, we get a whole lot of fun every Fri/Sat. Each episode is a masterpiece amalgam of bittersweet seasoned with doses of laughter. Sure, this drama has quite a few comical moments with a 1N2D PD and 2 1N2D members (Cha Tae Hyun and Yoon Shi Yoon), but we do have a plot.

This drama is about growth โ€” people growing up from ’94 or in the present for the purpose of realizing their dreams, reconciling with their regrets, and understanding who they are and what is truly important to them.

Yoo Hyun Jae is the protagonist, so you might say that of course we have to root for him. However, what’s different about him is that he’s a misfit that still ends as a misfit. His personality hasn’t really changed, but it’s just that the same people in ’93 who misunderstood him for who he is have either finally grown up enough to set the past behind them or took the time to really sit down and talk it out and come to terms.

It’s a good thing that the storyline didn’t require Yoo Hyun Jae to be on a stage much (HAHA. I think Cha Tae Hyun realized that one MV and one Music Bank performance were two too many for Yoon Shi Hyun) and be stuck on the fact that he was a talented idol, because I agreed with how it was more important to focus on Lee Ji Hoon’s growth.

Yoo Hyun Jae became a star in ’93, and essentially quit when he took off with the money. He left the stage, and that stage was waiting for someone else to realize it. Lee Ji Hoon, the biological son of Hong Bo Hee (Yoon Son-ha) and Yoo Hyun Jae born in ’94, dreams of being on stage. However, because he is the secret son of Hong Bo Hee, whose career as a singer fell apart due to her scandal with Yoo Hyun Jae, Lee Gwang Jae despises the idea of his adopted son being on stage. Lee Ji Hoon manages to secretly spend three years as a trainee in Star Punch, but time is running out โ€” he’s getting older, but still hasn’t made it into the debut team despite his talent. With Hyun Jae’s arrival, Gwang Jae realizes that he shouldn’t be so against his son’s dreams as he comes to terms with the regrets from ’93/94. He even reopens World Entertainment (which technically never went out of business…but…) so he can debut his son and friend MC Drill as a duo with a song made by Ji Hoon and Yoo Hyun Jae.

I didn’t quite understand the need for the role of MJ (Cha Eun-woo) who is the top idol in the industry, but I guess it was to explain that you should never judge a book by its cover. ย While MJ is successful and seems to have a huge role in Star Punch from picking debut team members to barging into the CEO’s office as if its his playroom (is that considered a privilege?), he’s โ€” you guessed it โ€” unhappy. Sure, he has the fame of being one of the greatest talents, but his songs are actually all stolen from Yoo Hyun Jae courtesy of his boss, Young Jae. He eventually sees the light at the end of the tunnel when his contract ends because he signs with World Entertainment before Star Punch abandoned him and even lift the burden off his shoulders by admitting the truth about his songs on his own accord. He was never portrayed as a bad character, but more of one that was good. MJ reminds me of Yoo Hyun Jae from ’93, but more innocent (?) to the extent where courage to admit fault comes readily.

Choi Woo Seung is an interesting character. At first, with her encounters with MJ, I thought that we would have a 3 suitors to 1 lady kinda scenario, but in the end it was just the father and son chasing after her. Actually โ€” given the ending especially, I am not sure if our time-traveling Yoo Hyun Jae is technically father Yoo Hyun Jae. (1) Time Travel Hyun Jae never fell in love with Bo Hee and (2) completely different experiences make a different person. While I feel bad for Choi Woo Seung, I am kind of confused about why the stuff with her mother never got resolved. It’s okay โ€” some things need no further explanation (?)

MC Drill is one funny character. It was weird at first when I saw him because he kept on reminding me of someone โ€” then I learned that he was the brother of Big Bang’s Tae Yang and I was like OMG I SEE IT. While MC Drill was a supporting character, he is still inspiring in his own right. His bright (but slightly dumb :P) character is the definition of not giving up. Despite being a trainee for so long to the point where he has already served in the army and has to lie about his age and failing to make the cut for the debut team due to his stage fright so many times, he does not give up. I also crack up when they make fun of his stage name “Drill” LOL โ€” I think they’re taking a stab at the names of rappers, but it’s still hilarious!

This is one of those dramas where you don’t realize time is passing. Characters coming together and their words and actions that bounce off each other in the daily passings of life, we see them grow and come to terms with each other, themselves, and the dreams drifting by.

Did I mention? Malsook is awesome ๐Ÿ™‚


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