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A new show for me again! This time, it’s cable channel, JTBC’s ‘Knowing Brothers’ — a super crazy variety show. Crazy, because the cast is made up of crazy peeps that are not afraid to dig into each others wounds (don’t worry, they’re still buddies offscreen…I hope) and give no mercy to the guests. Airing since Dec. 2015, we have now just reached episode 90.

Knowing Bros
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Knowing Bros poster
Genre Reality television
Current Airing Time Slot Saturday at 08:50 pm.
Original Release December 5, 2015 – present
Format Brother School: High school concept where the cast members are students in a classroom while the guests would come as newly transferred students.

  • “Entrance Application”: Guests have their application form read by cast members and the others would comment on them. A highlight of this segment is the guest’s preference for desk buddy among the cast.
  • “Guess About Me”: Guests ask prepared questions about themselves and members would have to guess. Usually reveals previously untold stories.
Starring Kang Ho-dong (강호동)
Kim Hee-chul (김희철)
Lee Soo-geun (이수근)
Kim Young-chul (김영철)
Min Kyung-hoon (민경훈)
Seo Jang-hoon (서장훈)
Lee Sang-min (이상민)

Source: Wikipedia 

I really like this show because the cast members are unafraid to be wild and completely honest. With this atmosphere, the guests naturally come in and end up in tatters. Poking fun at each other so savagely may not be acceptable, but in Brother School, it’s a good thing — bringing laughter to each other, while opening up and sharing something that might not be comedic so that any pain will be washed away. This effect can only be achieved with the crazy cast we have on this show.


Kang Ho-dong (강호동)

Oldest Brother (옛날 형님, 큰형님)
Bat (박쥐), Fat Bat (뚱박)
Harley Dong (할리동)
Tom (톰)

The oldest and strongest member of the cast (former ssireum athlete), who is known for his outdated comedic sense. The cast members often tease his friendly rivalry with Yoo Jae-suk, the “Nation’s MC” — the plaque on the classroom wall saying, “Jae Suk is Watching” is a reminder.

Lee Soo-geun (이수근)

Ace (에이스)
God of Comedy (콩트의 신)
Kang Ho-dong’s right-hand man (강호동의 오른팔)
True Embodiment of Knowing Bros (사실상 아는 형님의 전신)

Known as Ho-Dong’s right-hand lackey, he acts his part in the classroom. He is often teased for his previous gambling scandal that caused him to resign from broadcasting activities for a couple of years. A former recreational instructor before entering the entertainment industry, Sugeun is best at playground games with his quick wit and agility given his small size and experience.

Kim Hee-chul (김희철)

Universe Big Star (우주대스타)
Psycho (돌I; the actual spelling being an insult as well as a swear word), Psycho Brother (돌I 형)
TV Maniac (TV 덕후)
Mr. Kim Stop-It (김 그만 하라고 씨)
Kim Hee-mi (김희미)
King of Seriousness (정력왕)
Music Master (가요박사), Music Search Engine (음악 검색기)

Definitely the craziest member of the cast, who is known for his blunt and rude comments. He tries to exert some self-control by suppressing his attitude when his long-time acquaintances are guests of the program. He basically a new ancestor in the kpop world as he is a member of Super Junior boasting an extensive repertoire of voice imitations, vast knowledge of TV and music history, great proficiency in imitation and dance skills (especially with girl group dances), and he can easily copy a dance by just watching it once. Super Junior. This guy is amazing.

Seo Jang-hoon (서장훈)

Ssamja’s Father (쌈자 아비)
Fact Bomber (팩트 폭격기)
Big Bat (장박)
Giant (거인)
Class President (반장님)
Dream Breaker (드림 브레이커)
Building Owner (건물주)
Husband Hoon (훈서방)

The tallest member of the cast at 207 cm, who is known for sulking. He is often teased for his divorced status and wealth (buildings!), and also his numerous joint & ligament problems which forced him into retirement from basketball.

Kim Young-chul (김영철)

Noisy Brother (시끄러운 형)
D.a.n.g Boss (당갑, DANG甲)
Least-Funny Icon (노잼의 아이콘)
Talent Breaker (개인기 브레이커)

The least funny member of the cast, who even  promised to leave the program once it passed the 5% viewership ratings (really high for a cable variety show). He is also the most fluent English speaker. These days, he likes to bring up his breakout hit song “Ring Ring”

Min Kyung-hoon (민경훈)

Ssamgu (쌈구), Ssamja (쌈자, 민쌈자)
Youngest Brother (막내)
4D Brother (4차원 동생)
Pervert (음란)
Trash (쓰레기)
Jerry (제리)
Slug (민달팽이)

The maknae (youngest member) of the cast, who makes mature comments. He is the vocalist of rock ballad band, Buzz. He is known for being rebellious toward Kang Ho-dong, the oldest member of the show. He is often teased for his singing style as he uses his head voice a lot and also likes to raise the microphone above his head when he sings.

Lee Sang-min (이상민)

Good wife and Wise mother (현모양처)
Kang Ho-dong’s left-hand man (강호동의 왼팔)

He is often teased for his divorced status and infamously huge financial debt (he didn’t declare bankruptcy, but rather chose to work hard to pay off his debts). Due to this, he frequently assumes the role of a sage and gives honest advice towards young idol singers. His nickname was given by Lee Soo-geun, which is an abbreviation of “his current situation is miserable.” He sits all the way in the back in the classroom.

As you can see from the cast descriptions, teasing on this show is quite rampant. The same jokes about Sugeun’s gambling scandal, Ho-Dong’s rivalry with Yoo Jae Suk & lee Mangki (ssireum athlete), divorce, and Sangmin’s debt never get old.

Since I only recently discovered this show, I really don’t have the dedication to watch every episode (I was able to find playable videos for each episode, unlike for I Live Alone because this show is much more new). Instead, I have been watching episodes with guests I like or I have a feeling will be entertaining (yay! Wikipedia  has all the episodes!)

So far, I have watched the episodes with these guests: Kyuhyun, EXO, Jung Somin (WATCH MY FATHER IS STRANGE!), Lee Joon (MY FATHER IS STRANGE!!!), Henry, Jun Hyunmoo, Kim Jong Kook, Shinee, and a few more — which I can’t really recall at the moment.

The charm of this show is how savage everyone is — even Min Kyung Hoon, who is slowly being infected like Kyuhyun has been on Radio Star (Kyuhyun has always been known to have the savage gene as the evil Maknae of Super Junior, but he is definitely growing some Kim Gura in him).

I would also check out Kim Heechul & Min Kyunghoon’s ‘Sweet Dream‘ which was produced on this show.


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