.dat The Sisterhood Traveling Gang 胡說八道真情假期/Xmas with the Ma’s馬家過聖誕.

Hi~ I’m going to be sharing some thoughts about some travel variety shows that TVB rolled out in 2017 that might be worth a watch!

The Sisterhood Traveling Gang 胡說八道真情假期 & Xmas with the Ma’s馬家過聖誕

胡說八道真情假期 aka 胡説八道去旅行
The Sisterhood Traveling Gang22220491_143213342957180_1323020287045795840_n
 No. Episodes 10
Genre Reality show
Starring Myolie Wu 胡杏兒、Nancy Wu 胡定欣、Paisley Hu 胡蓓蔚
Elaine Yiu 姚子羚、Selena Li 李施嬅、Mandy Wong 黃智雯
X-Mas With The MasScreen Shot 2018-01-20 at 2.15.11 PM
Genre Travel Variety Show
Starring 劉 丹徐 榮黎諾懿
No. Episodes 5

First up is The Sisterhood Traveling Gang 胡說八道真情假期 starring a bunch of ladies familiar to those who watch TVB stuff! They’re actual friends in real life, and they’re so close to the point where they were given a variety show where they spend quality time in Australia together. Myolie was pregnant in this one, but her belly doesn’t stop her from going wild with her ladies!

I enjoyed watching this show because onscreen and behind the scenes, actresses (and actors) can be different, and very rarely, can we see TVB peeps acting like themselves with a lack of a filter for showmanship. Of course, there must have been some showmanship going into this show, but it’s more real.

Xmas with the Ma’s馬家過聖誕 is a travel variety show featuring the Ma Family from “Come Home Love” — in Korea! #goalz I actualyl ran out of things to watch when I clicked on this, and it was a pleasant to surprise, in terms of the destination — not so much the content. I liked how they kept reprising their roles from the drama (which I didn’t watch at all), but I was disappointed because they didn’t do all too much aside from eat…

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