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Easily one of my favorite dramas from the closing of 2017!

datcheebie’s Revolutionary Love Review

Revolutionary Love
Revolution (변혁의 사랑)-poster.jpg

Promotional poster
Also known as Revolution[1]
Original title 변혁의 사랑
Genre Romantic comedy[2]

The story of friendships, loves and youthful hopes of people from different spoon classes

Written by Joo Hyun
Directed by Song Hyun-wook
Creative director(s)
Original Release October 14 – December 3, 2017
Network tvN
No. of episodes 16

Source: Wikipedia


Revolutionary Love is Choi Siwon’s first project after completing his military enlistment. If you thought military life was hard enough, well…he quickly got into a scandal right after it as he was filming this drama because of his dog.

‘Revolutionary Love’ is also called “Byun Hyuk’s Love’ — literally “Revolution’s Love.” As you may have guessed, Byun Hyuk is Choi Siwon’s character, and he develops feelings for Kang Sora’s character, Baek Joon.

Byun Hyuk is a 3rd generation chaebol, who constantly causes problems — from DUIs to sexual harassment — all misunderstandings due to his naive, fumbling, nature. Since he was young, his best friend, Kwon Je Hoon (Gong Myung) cleans up after him. Je Hoon is the son of Chairman Byun’s driver, and has thus assumed a subservient position because of his “class/status.” Je Hoon struggles in his friendship with Byun Hyuk because he mistakes Hyuk to be the culprit in a hit-and-run accident his father had to take the fall for in place of the chaebol son. However, the actual culprit was Byun Hyuk’s brother, and Hyuk, who decided to take the fall in the place of his brother, is unable to succeed at being the noble idiot, as Chairman Byun had other plans. In return for taking the fall for the hit-and-run, Je Hoon is rewarded with a full sponsorship to college, a bright “future” at the company, clean-up duty for Hyuuk’s messes, and position as a substitute punching bag in the place of Hyuk for Chairman Byun. Lovely.

Kwon Je Hoon and Baek Joon are actually college friends. We get a lot of flashbacks in the drama, where Baek Joon confesses to Je Hoon, but Je Hoon the idiot rejects her like an idiot because his head wasn’t screwed on right. He obviously regrets it, has he low key follows Joon around, hoping to ask her out, but always fails. Cue — years later, he hesitates on signing the lease for a shabby apartment, but immediately signs it when he learns that Joon lives in the same building. He acts cold towards her, but secretly looks after her.

Baek Joon is one smart gal and has an amazing educational background. However, rather than go for a full-time job at a good company like she’s perfectly qualified for, she chooses to take on part-time jobs because of what happened to her father. One day, while she is at her hotel part-time job, she gets falsely accused by the frivolous gf of Byun Hyuk for stealing an earring. Byun Hyuk, who’s been trying to find his gf, disguises himself in a hotel employee uniform and storms up to the hotel room where Joon and his gf are having a face-off. It turns out, the gf was cheating  on Hyuk with Hyuk’s friend, despite the fact that he doted on her so much(to the the point where they celebrated their 2 day anniversary quite extravagantly). Needless to say, both are “fired” (Joon only, technically) after the brawl in the hotel room, and thrown out. Joon, also mistaking Hyuk for a fellow part-timer, feels bad for Hyuk, and ends up taking him in. At the apartment, they of course bump into Je Hoon, and Hyuk forces Je Hoon to hid his identity for him — they end up living in the same apartment and end up planning a revolution to fix Kang Soo Group.

Another notable character is Joon’s friend, Ha Yeon Hee, an air stewardess that Hyuk accidentally gropes in his drunken fit on the plane as he mopes about his gf (yes, the same gf he eventually finds in that hotel room with his friend). She initially thinks of Je Hoon as a jerk, as he approaches her in a cold manner to execute the usual “bribe-and-make-sure-no-one-blabs-about-Hyuk’s-latest-mess” protocol. However, she mistakes Je Hoon’s affectionate gestures towards Joon to be directed towards her, so she ends up with a  crush on him. However, she eventually realizes that he ain’t got feelings for her…but someone else does…

Office Jang Cheol-min was initially tasked with tracking down Hyuk for his airplane groping incident, but he moves into the fateful apartment where all of our characters are living—coincidence? Of course not. Time after time, he encounter’s Yeon Hee’s embarrassing moments, and ends up falling for her. 

I really enjoyed this drama because you really couldn’t help, but root for the characters! This is only possible if the actors have good chemistry. From Our trio (Joon + Hyuk + Je Hoon) to our cleaning team, every moment with them is fun! I feel like Choi Siwon’s role was designed for him, because we all know Siwon is fully capable of playing the goofy, yet #swag character he can be. However, this casting doesn’t garner eye rolls about the repeat in character-type, but rather Siwon has made Huk his character, once again…somehow…

This drama is a ton of fun, and I’m actually suffering from second lead syndrome (I really wanted a happy ending for Joon & Je Hoon) — BUT JOIN THE FUN!

Final Verdict: 4.8/5

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