.dat My My Ages Apart 誇世代 Review.

This 50 episode monster sure is a grand way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of TVB – BUT I actually liked it… well, more than Heart & Greed at least.

My My Ages Apart 誇世代 Review


My Ages Apart
My Ages Apart.jpg

My Ages Apart poster
Genre Comedy
Written by Kwan Chung-ling
Cheng Sing-mo
Starring Bobby Au-yeung
Moses Chan
Louis Cheung
Kristal Tin
Ali Lee
Maggie Shiu
Benz Hui
Eddie Kwan
Sammy Leung
Elena Kong
Katy Kung
David Chiang
No. Episodes 50
Opening & Ending theme My Ages Apart (誇世代) by Hacken Lee

Do Not Remember Anymore (別再記起) by Jinny Ng

Country of origin Hong Kong

Source: Wikipedia

So… the Wiki article gives this as a synopsis:

Sung Chung Kei (Bobby Au-yeung) and his mentee Kwong Kong Sang (Moses Chan) are two major investment bankers. However, Kong Sang uses unscrupulous methods which caused tension between them. During a plane crash, Chung Kei accidentally switches his soul with Bau Pau (James Ng) using a face-off card and is forced to live with his aunt, Bau Mei Na (Maggie Shiu). He also suspects that his wife, Ling Kit Yu (Kristal Tin) is having an affair with Kong Sang. Chung Kei decides to work with Kong Sang to find his lost soul. Kong Sang teams up with Sheung Ho Yiu (Ali Lee) in order to take revenge on the Sheung family. Lau Hang (Louis Cheung) is also seeking revenge on behalf of his godfather. The trio then embark on a time-traveling revenge plot …

There are a few things I would like to point out…

(1) This isn’t really a time-travel kinda thing per se… You see, there’s this little “weight scale machine” at a theater than dispenses special cards that allow you to swap souls, time travel, and etc. By chance, Richard Chung Kei Sung (parody of Soong Joongki) acquires a Face Swap card, and so does Bau Pau. So when Richard essentially faces death during a plane crash and Pau, who also possesses a Face Swap Card, is hit by a car, they swap souls. Pau, locked in Richard’s body is stranded at sea, while Richard ends up in Pau’s body. Richard suspecting an affair between his wife and Mike Kwong, his protege, decides to continue his quest for revenge in his new body. Conveniently, or not, Pau is Bau Mei Na aka Dina’s nephew, and Dina is a management executive at TVB, which manages Ling Kit Yu, Richard’s wife. So where does the time travel come in? Another card that the weight scale ejects is the time travel card, which summons a special Taxi driven by a pig. This taxi initially only allows you to briefly visit the past, but eventually undergoes a malfunction and subsequent upgrade that allows time travel into the future. Passengers are able to view the past/future, but within another dimension, so they are incapable of interacting with those in the past/future. When the pig taxi driver sounds his horn, all passengers must return to the taxi, or else riders will be stuck in that time period & dimension forever.

(2) It is, indeed, a revenge plot, as Richard strives to get back at Mike for sabotaging his career & backstabbing him through an affair with Kit Yu (which they find out is not true). However, Richard, living as Pau, ends up forgiving Mike and they even become best buddies, as they, and Walking Lau Hung join forces to execute a revenge against the Sheung Family. Walking initially was also a swapped soul, so he became Richard’s only confidant and friend after Richard became Pau. However, Pau helps track down Walking’s body, and Walking’s soul returns to its rightful place. These two link forces to screw Mike Kwong over, but when they accidentally cause Mike to become paralyzed waist-down, they end up taking care of him, and even befriending Mike. Mike then recovers, and the trio begins their schemes to help Mike avenge his family. Mike’s family fell apart in a series of tragedies following Sheung Hing Duen’s fit of fury when she burned down the Kwong family’s dim sum restaurant some 30 years ago. Mike enters a contract marriage with Paris Sheung, 4th  daughter of the 7 daughters in the affluent Sheung family to step foot into the Sheung household & Sheung Tong Bank. Richard, eager to make the most of his situation, allies with Mike out of friendship and also his unwavering greed for money and success, as he discovers that Pau is the illegitimate son of Lui Chun (Sheung Hing Duen’s husband).

(3) This is one messy, heck of a 50-ep drama — First of all, just given all the characters, the sheer number of episodes, the complications with the soul-swapping, time-travel, yadda-yadda — yep. It’s really hard to explain this drama. However, maybe because this drama is so crazy, but I ENJOYED IT! Unexpected plot twists from TVB are a luxury these days because the screenwriters suck these days. I wouldn’t say that the actors have amazing chemistry, but the ridiculousness of the plot makes any lack thereof unnoticeable. So let’s talk about the messiness…


The Sheung Family has 7 daughters princesses. Headed by Iron-Lady Sheung Hing Duen, who is super superstitious and an advocate of patriarchy, the Sheung Family isn’t exactly a warm, fuzzy family. Chairwoman Sheung hates #4, Paris, for reasons initially unknown, but we later find out it’s because Paris’ twin brother died prematurely, so the superstitious Chairwoman Sheung  singles Paris’ fortune out as an oppressive an ominous one. Princess #1, played by Paisely Hu, doesn’t really come into the picture until much later, but returns to HK after having a quarrel with her promiscuous husband (product of a political marriage, duh). It turns out that she had a thing for Gilbert, husband of Princess #2, played by Elena Kong, so she became pregnant with his daughter, without him knowing before getting married off to cover the scandal. The daughter ends up becoming Sheung Hing Duen’s Princess #7. Princess #2 actually was set on marrying another dude, and even became pregnant with his child, but due to to Chairwoman’s dislike for that dude, #2 marries Gilbert, who sincerely loves Julie. The fact that Ocean, #2’s son and Chairwoman Sheung’s beloved grandson and only Sheung male of the family, is not Gilbert’s son remains a secret, until Mike reveals it all during his quest for revenge. Princess #5 was a doctor, but loses confidence when an ex-tennis player sues her because she made the decision to amputate his leg for his survival, but ends up ending his promising career. She ends up working at Sheung Tong Bank, and climbs the ladder to head the Risk & Management Dept. with her cold, all-business character. In her department is Princess #6, who is a wolf wearing fleece. Princess #6, played by Katy Kung, is actually a savage, manipulative, sly fox who loathes being overshadowed by #5, but she is always all sweet smiles to win the favor of all her sisters, her brother-in-law, Gilbert, father, and of course, Sheung Hing Duen. Ambitious #6 seeks to become the heir of the Bank, even though Chairwoman Sheung, from the very start, has designated the sole Sheung male, Ocean as the heir. #6 goes as far as marrying Poon Wing Hang to seal a deal between the Poon Ying Corp & Sheung Tong, despite the fact that Hang has strange fettishes (i.e. playing with tarantulas, whipping himself, cross-dressing, and etc. — all factors that made Paris not be able to go through with a potential marriage with Hang). Princess #7 is not really the daughter, but the granddaughter of Sheung Hing Duen. The lack of affection & any attention since she was young made her suspect that they were not related, so time and time again, she actually tried to get a maternity test done, but Sheung Hing Duen, seeking to bury the scandalous story behind Princess #1, #7, and the unknown “dad,” fabricates the test results. #7 ends up falling for Walking, whom Sheung Hing Duen takes a liking to — BUT the reason behind this natural af affection is: Walking is Paris’ “dead” twin! Whew, that that all the princesses are done (#3 is not worth mentioning…she barely appeared), Lui Chun needs some words written about him too! Lui Chun was quite a playboy when he was young…as you can tell from Pau being his illegitimate son. As a result, Sheung Hing Duen is extremely sensitive when it comes to this hubby, so when Lui Chun seemed to have a thing for Mike’s mother, Sheung, in a fit of fury, had the Kwong Dim Sum Restaurant burned down…

Mike Kwong‘s life became 100% revenge-driven from that point. After the restaurant burned down, the Kwong’s lost everything. Unable to fathom the thought, Mike’s fatehr took his own life. Shortly after, Kwong’s mother fell ill from grief and passed away, leaving Mike in the care of Fanny. Fanny’s husband worked for the Kwongs, and he lost his life in the fire. Fanny and her foster son spend their next 30 years dreaming of revenge. Mike is best friends with Koo Tin Nok (parody of Louis Koo), who is a wealthy, but down-to earth kinda dude. “Big Headed B” (Koo) is set to marry Paris, Princess #4 of the affluent Sheung family, because Koo’s older sister has run into financial troubles. However, Mike cannot stand the sight of his dear friend sacrificing himself for his sister’s greed, so on the day of the wedding ceremony, he elopes (that’s what they made it look like) sweeps Koo onto his motorcycle and escapes the wedding venue right before the vows. Mike is ambitious. Given that, he betrays Richard, and the desperate Richard hops on a plane to his death, when he meant to seek out a client (false intel courtesy of Mike). When Richard returns as Pau, Mike is the target of revenge. However, events take a sharp left-turn (sorta), and Mike becomes paralyzed. Walking and Richard, feeling guilty, take care of Mike, and a miracle occurs, where Mike regains mobility. Friendship blossoms, as Richard and Walking help Mike get his revenge. We mustn’t forget about Fanny though, because she’s even more brutal. Apparently, she had a hand in abducting the infant Walking in the hospital, and to cover up the mistake, the hospital replaced Walking with a dead infant. Walking ends up growing up as a triad member, but a good one, under the care of his godfather.

Richard’s Soul Swap is obviously messy. It takes him a while to convince Dina that he is not actually her nephew, and he messily tries to court his wife, while in the Pau’s body. He was supposed to get revenge on Mike, but ends up befriending him. Ambitious  and successful Richard is Pau’s complete opposite. As much as Pau is set on becoming an actor despite his lack of talent, Richard is a successful investment banker eager to reclaim his fame and money, but Pau has no education, no reputation, and no money. Facing a dead end, Richard is elated when he learns that he is Lui Chun’s illegitimate son!  Along with Mike and Walking, he pours all of his efforts in winning the favor of Pau’s father, in order to get something. When Lui Chun is forced to campaign for the upcoming  election for the district assembly, Richard and his actual father end up being part of the campaign team.

As you can tell from the length of this review, this drama is quite something… I apologize for all the spoilers — I decided to not mark anything in red because it’s impossible

I’ve been literally summarizing the 50 episodes for you, because I can’t give my opinion in a way that can be understood if I don’t. By now, you can probably see that a lot went on — which is great and a good sign! Why would I say so, when this thing is 50 episodes? Well, TVB dramas are usually extremely draggy and full of fluff, so if a drama that is meant to be packed, is packed – then it did its job well — just take it.

Verdict: 7.3/10

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