.dat YouTube Channel.

datcheebie’s YouTube Channel

Hello friends! So, if you aren’t aware, I actually have a YouTube channel! I upload videos every Friday at 6AM EST so you can have something to watch over your weekends 🙂

Here are some videos currently on my channel!

ep 75 — Study With Me [Please]!

ep 76 — A Day in Cream Cheese’s Life [College Dorm Edition]

ep 77 — Let’s Go on An Adventure

ep 78 What’s On My iPhone

ep 79 Cheebie’s Skincare Routine

ep 80 [Going on an Adventure]

ep 81[All About Cream Cheese]

ep 82 — BTS Blood Sweat Tears Parody

ep 83 Palette Parody (IU’s Palette)

MicDropxGashina Mashup (A Parody)

I Can See It, That Spoon! |Goblin 도깨비 Parody

{Fat4} A Boys Over Flowers Parody

datcheebie’s 10 YOUTUBERS TO KNOW

2017 datcheebie DRAMA AWARDS (kDrama Edition)

Why datcheebie Can’t Be a Beauty Guru

Websites for K Entertainment Fans (Kpop, KDramas, KVariety)

Recap 2017 Drama Awards

What’s On My iPhone? (2018)

The Pendant (A Horror Short Film)

The Pendant Part II

Reaction To ‘The Pendant Part II’


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