.dat Flying Tiger 飛虎之潛行極戰 Review/Thoughts.

One of the most anticipated dramas of 2018, Flying Tigers or 飛虎之潛行極戰 is a joint production between HK-based Shaw Brothers & Youku that is currently airing on Youku and myTVSuper (TVB), and will officially air later on in May on TVB. What makes this drama so “highly anticipated?” Well, it’s action packed, and we get to see a lot of familiar faces we haven’t seen a while!

Flying Tiger
类型 時裝警匪
编导 李惠民查傳誼李文龍
主演 Michael Miu 苗僑偉Bosco Wong 黃宗澤Ron Ng 吳卓羲Eddie Cheung 張兆輝
Michael Fitzgerald Wong 王敏德Hugo Ng 吳岱融Oscar Leung 梁烈唯Venus Wong 王敏奕
Mandy Wong 黃智雯Grace Chan 陳凱琳Samantha Ko 高海寧伍詠薇
集数 30
主题曲 Reunion
演唱 Raymond Lam 林 峯MC Jin 歐陽靖
片尾曲 雖然…這個世界
演唱 Bosco Wong 黃宗澤Ron Ng 吳卓羲
拍摄/制作年份 2017年5月-9月
制作统筹 張可欣方 思
监制 樂易玲李惠民
编审 馬 焱
拍攝地點  香港
制作公司 邵氏兄弟國際影業有限公司

Many may be familiar with the TVB 飛虎 franchise (Tiger Cubs I & II), but as the production crew have stressed time and time again, Flying Tigers actually has nothing to do with that series, and has a completely separate story. Yes, we all miss Joe Ma heading the SDU task force, but this is still a separate story.

Synopsis [Spoilers Alert]

In the 80’s, Tai (aka Daddy of Bosco & Ron’s characters) immersed himself a little do deep into his role as an undercover cop, as he ended up falling in love with the triad boss’s daughter, Lo Man Na (Christine Ng). However, the highly ambitious Tai wakes up and chooses to betray his lover and his triad boss father-in-law, despite Man Na having bore a son for him (Ko Ga Long — Bosco’s character). In a SDU raid led by Michael Miu’s character, Tai, desperate to hide his crimes during his time as a UC, shoots his father-in-law in the head to silence him forever. In a subsequent explosion, Man Na is thrown into the sea, and disappears. Over the next 2 decades, Tai quickly climbs the ranks and becomes a highly reputed and decorated police officer. He marries a new wife, who gives birth to their son, Ko Ga Jun (Ron’s character). Tai conceals Ga Long//Vincent’s true identity as an orphan he adopted to his wife, and Ga Jun/Marcus grows up believing that Vincent is his true brother, although Tai neglects Vincent and even sends him away to leave with their grandmother. Tai is not the most loving father, as he sees his reputation and career as the most important.

Years later, Vincent becomes a Sergeant in the SDU force, and Marcus becomes a Senior Inspector in the Organized Crime & Triad Bureau. Victor Nip (Michael Miu) is Vincent’s godfather and also Marcus’ superior/mentor. The two brothers, although both ending up as good cops in adulthood, did not, and still do not see eye to eye.

The trouble begins when Lo Man Na returns to execute her 30 yr-long revenge…

Tai is forced into corruption to hide his dark past, and his sons end up being the ones to arrest him. In the backstage, Kenny, an ex- Navy Seal who sees killing as an art form and a hobby, partners with Lo Man Na and her brother to wreak havoc in Hong Kong. On the fateful day when Tai was supposed to be honored with a new title, terrorism made it’s first step into Hong Kong…


<Rather than going through character descriptions one by one, I will just say a couple of things about some of the characters >

Lui Sir (SDU Captain): Unfortunately, I read the darn old Chinese wikipedia page…and I find out that he dies at the end at the hands of someone I can’t believe would do such a thing T^T RIP in advance. Overall, I don’t think much of his because although he is Vincent’s mentor, I don’t like the fact that he isn’t nosy enough time and time again to try to understand Vincent’s actions. If he did, maybe things wouldn’t turn out so badly…

Vincent (Bosco’s character): Okay, despite his tendency to shop in the woman’s department irl, Bosco does play these aloof, good guy-turned-villain roles well…ya know, those twisted characters that deserve some pity, but still.

Tai (Bad Daddy): Ugh. Of course he’s a villain.

Nip Sir/Victor (Michael Miu): His character keeps on giving me Cheuk Sir vibes from the Line Walker franchise. Not much originality, but probably because he played that role so well, the producers decided to let him , basically, reprise his role…with a new identity?! *gasp* jk. They’re still different characters.

Marcus (Ron): Major facepalm. This dude is just so dogmatic about everything. Period. Of course he has to get himself tangled in a hot mess with some hot ladies -_- including the sexy spy lady and the innocent forensics examiner.


Jomine/啊 (Samantha Ko’s character): Samantha Ko usually just needs to be pretty yet badass at rare moments. She does just that.

黃榮賢 (Joel Chan’s short-lived appearance): Talk-about a short-lived cameo.

Kenny (Oscar Leung): Yep, 唯唯 gets to be a villain, and he’s doing pretty well — I hope he has a deeper story…aside from the fact that he has a twisted view of this world, so he has a twisted approach to “fix” the world through his “artistic endeavors” (read: he finds pleasure in killing people)

盧國斌/U384 (Hugo Wong): On a villain streak, Wong is playing a bad bad uncle this time. Haven’t really seen him do much (aside from pulling the strings for some terrorism), but he’s frustrating as an uncle! Sure, your nephew may be annoying to deal with, but be consistent! If you’re giving him special levels of tolerance for your sister, keep doing so rather than randomly blowing up on him and threatening him with a gun that’s not even unlocked…of course they always do this sort of stuff at the harbor.

Dr. Zhang (Mandy Wong): ??? Kid died, producers neglect to give her screen time to explain how she actually coped??? Yes, being a psychiatrist makes you have self-healing powers.

Dr. Zhuang (Grace Chan): Girlie, why would you fall for Ron -_- Just go chase after Kevin Cheng

Lo Man Na (Christine Ng): I think she’s the only one who plays her character the best. Unfortunate, as she is the ultimate baddie, but keep on being creepy and frustratingly evil!!!


I’m currently on episode 18, and knowing that I have 12 more episodes to go, I am expecting more deaths — because that’s just all that violence brings, right? I’m sad that Bosco’s character won’t be what I want, but that’s okay. He wears pretty skirts, so people write hilarious articles about it, and that’s all I need in life.


Oh did I mention, I really like the theme song 🙂 Although Raymond Lam’s hairdo in the MV creeps me out…


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