.dat End of Infinity Challenge.

For those who do not know, Infinity Challenge ended last month (3/31/2018). 12 years is quire a feat for any variety show, and to be able to last that long with competitive ratings throughout is nothing short of amazing.

Infinite Challenge
Infinite Challenge Logo.jpg

Promotional logo
Also known as Infinity Challenge
Muhan Dojeon
Genre Reality television
Created by Kim Tae-ho[1] (de facto)
Directed by Kim Tae-ho (Head dir.)[2]
Park Chang-hoon[2]
Cho Wook-hyung[2]
Kang Sung-ah[2]
No. Episodes 563 + 3 specials (list of episodes)

While I’m not really a huge Infinity Challenge fan, but here are 10 things I will miss about the show:

  1. Seeing Yoo Jae Suk be “Yoo-nim” Yoo Jae Suk’s persona on Infinity Challenge is more of an intermediate between trouble-maker Yoo on Running Man and prim-&-proper-Yoo on Happy Together. It’s very interesting to see how he can be mischievous, but highly respected at the same time.
  2. Giving the Big 3 a way to give Yoo-nim a Daesang Come on, Entertainment Awards are all about the politics. Yes, while Yoo-nim didn’t get a Daesang in 2017, he still is highly respected, acknowledged, and influential in the industry.
  3. Stripping Park Myung Soo & Jung Jun Ha of a chance at a Daesang This has been a long-standing joke on the show, but actually tho.
  4. Haha’s Value Kim Jong Kook recently cracked a joke about Haha’s value decreasing ever since Infinity Challenge ended, but it’s pretty true…Infinity Challenge was a major weekend show, and helped HaHa gain a lot of exposure as an entertainer.
  5. Yang Se Hyung’s Rise Yang Se Hyung is considered a rising star in the entertainment world in the last couple of years. His breakthrough came with him becoming a permanent cast after becoming a guest since Kwanghee’s enlistment. As far as I know, his only major show right now is All the Butlers from SBS… Hopefully he gets a show soon, because he is quite a riot.
  6. Silly, yet crazily impossible Missions “Infinity Challenge” — should have known.  However, this show’s history and achievements has made it very easy for them to invite major stars as guests to participate in the craziest of things (i.e. Curry Brothers, Jack Black, Kim Soo Hyun, PSY, etc)
  7. Almost weekly outbursts at the PD Kim Tae Ho PD isn’t the most yielding PD…he’s often the target of flying kicks and collar-grabbing because he would announce impossible things for the members to do. Savage.
  8. Hopes of Jung Hyungdon & Noh Hongchul returning I honestly don’t really care for Noh Hongchul, but Hyungdon’s departure did make me really sad. Granted, it was for the best as he was suffering from panic disorder, but he is amazing! It’s also sad that he and Defconn are leaving Weekly Idol too..
  9. Ugly Friends Festival Oh my. Such a classic.
  10. “Vacations” I still remember when they went to Thailand for their vacation, but they ended up getting tricked into a slapping massage.

We’re gonna miss you, Infinity Challenge!

What do you miss about Infinity Challenge? Comment below!

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