.datkDramathatwasworth2x. — UPDATED

Greetings Mortal! Errr… I guess we’re on equal footing then…

Anyways, here are some dramas that were good enough to watch a second time! (These, I legit watched twice):

  • Sungkyungkwan Scandal: Squee~ (once again, not a pig!) Song Joongki, Yoo Ah In + Park Yoochun + Park Minyoung + crossdressing – the works.


    The weird whirlwind is clearly (?) Song Joongki.

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2019 datcheebie kDrama Awards

Hi everyone! I realized  haven’t posted here in a very, very long time. Many visitors to this blog are fans of kDramas and Korean variety shows, so I thought I would share my 2019 top picks! The title of the video only mentions kDramas, but I also share my fave Variety shows towards the end of the video. Enjoy!

.dat Youtube Channel of Mine.

Hi everyone! Thanks for visiting, however brief your little sojourn on this blog/site is 🙂

I wanted to bring it to your attention that I have a Youtube Channel where you can find a video form of an occasional drama review and parodies! Below are some videos that might interest you:

Dramafever vs. Viki (Updated Comparison)

Twitter Accounts of fave Korean Stars

datcheebie’s Guide to kDramas & kVariety

Let me know in the comments on what kinds of content you want to see! Follow me on Twitter @datcheebie for the latest news on uploads 🙂

.dat End of Infinity Challenge.

For those who do not know, Infinity Challenge ended last month (3/31/2018). 12 years is quire a feat for any variety show, and to be able to last that long with competitive ratings throughout is nothing short of amazing.

Infinite Challenge
Infinite Challenge Logo.jpg

Promotional logo
Also known as Infinity Challenge
Muhan Dojeon
Genre Reality television
Created by Kim Tae-ho[1] (de facto)
Directed by Kim Tae-ho (Head dir.)[2]
Park Chang-hoon[2]
Cho Wook-hyung[2]
Kang Sung-ah[2]
No. Episodes 563 + 3 specials (list of episodes)

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.dat Flying Tiger 飛虎之潛行極戰 Review/Thoughts.

One of the most anticipated dramas of 2018, Flying Tigers or 飛虎之潛行極戰 is a joint production between HK-based Shaw Brothers & Youku that is currently airing on Youku and myTVSuper (TVB), and will officially air later on in May on TVB. What makes this drama so “highly anticipated?” Well, it’s action packed, and we get to see a lot of familiar faces we haven’t seen a while!

Flying Tiger
类型 時裝警匪
编导 李惠民、查傳誼、李文龍
主演 Michael Miu 苗僑偉、Bosco Wong 黃宗澤、 Ron Ng 吳卓羲、Eddie Cheung 張兆輝、
Michael Fitzgerald Wong 王敏德、Hugo Ng 吳岱融、Oscar Leung 梁烈唯、Venus Wong 王敏奕、
Mandy Wong 黃智雯、Grace Chan 陳凱琳、Samantha Ko 高海寧、伍詠薇、
集数 30
主题曲 Reunion
演唱 Raymond Lam 林 峯、MC Jin 歐陽靖
片尾曲 雖然…這個世界
演唱 Bosco Wong 黃宗澤、Ron Ng 吳卓羲
拍摄/制作年份 2017年5月-9月
制作统筹 張可欣、方 思
监制 樂易玲、李惠民
编审 馬 焱
拍攝地點  香港
制作公司 邵氏兄弟國際影業有限公司

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.dat YouTube Channel.

datcheebie’s YouTube Channel

Hello friends! So, if you aren’t aware, I actually have a YouTube channel! I upload videos every Friday at 6AM EST so you can have something to watch over your weekends 🙂

Here are some videos currently on my channel!

ep 75 — Study With Me [Please]!

ep 76 — A Day in Cream Cheese’s Life [College Dorm Edition]

ep 77 — Let’s Go on An Adventure

ep 78 What’s On My iPhone

ep 79 Cheebie’s Skincare Routine

ep 80 [Going on an Adventure]

ep 81[All About Cream Cheese]

ep 82 — BTS Blood Sweat Tears Parody

ep 83 Palette Parody (IU’s Palette)

MicDropxGashina Mashup (A Parody)

I Can See It, That Spoon! |Goblin 도깨비 Parody

{Fat4} A Boys Over Flowers Parody

datcheebie’s 10 YOUTUBERS TO KNOW

2017 datcheebie DRAMA AWARDS (kDrama Edition)

Why datcheebie Can’t Be a Beauty Guru

Websites for K Entertainment Fans (Kpop, KDramas, KVariety)

Recap 2017 Drama Awards

What’s On My iPhone? (2018)

The Pendant (A Horror Short Film)

The Pendant Part II

Reaction To ‘The Pendant Part II’


.dat My My Ages Apart 誇世代 Review.

This 50 episode monster sure is a grand way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of TVB – BUT I actually liked it… well, more than Heart & Greed at least.

My My Ages Apart 誇世代 Review


My Ages Apart
My Ages Apart.jpg

My Ages Apart poster
Genre Comedy
Written by Kwan Chung-ling
Cheng Sing-mo
Starring Bobby Au-yeung
Moses Chan
Louis Cheung
Kristal Tin
Ali Lee
Maggie Shiu
Benz Hui
Eddie Kwan
Sammy Leung
Elena Kong
Katy Kung
David Chiang
No. Episodes 50
Opening & Ending theme My Ages Apart (誇世代) by Hacken Lee

Do Not Remember Anymore (別再記起) by Jinny Ng

Country of origin Hong Kong

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.dat Revolutionary Love Review.

Easily one of my favorite dramas from the closing of 2017!

datcheebie’s Revolutionary Love Review

Revolutionary Love
Revolution (변혁의 사랑)-poster.jpg

Promotional poster
Also known as Revolution[1]
Original title 변혁의 사랑
Genre Romantic comedy[2]

The story of friendships, loves and youthful hopes of people from different spoon classes

Written by Joo Hyun
Directed by Song Hyun-wook
Creative director(s)
Original Release October 14 – December 3, 2017
Network tvN
No. of episodes 16

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.dat The Sisterhood Traveling Gang 胡說八道真情假期/Xmas with the Ma’s馬家過聖誕.

Hi~ I’m going to be sharing some thoughts about some travel variety shows that TVB rolled out in 2017 that might be worth a watch!

The Sisterhood Traveling Gang 胡說八道真情假期 & Xmas with the Ma’s馬家過聖誕

胡說八道真情假期 aka 胡説八道去旅行
The Sisterhood Traveling Gang22220491_143213342957180_1323020287045795840_n
 No. Episodes 10
Genre Reality show
Starring Myolie Wu 胡杏兒、Nancy Wu 胡定欣、Paisley Hu 胡蓓蔚、
Elaine Yiu 姚子羚、Selena Li 李施嬅、Mandy Wong 黃智雯
X-Mas With The MasScreen Shot 2018-01-20 at 2.15.11 PM
Genre Travel Variety Show
Starring 劉 丹、徐 榮、黎諾懿、
No. Episodes 5

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.dat Heart & Greed 溏心風暴3 Review.


TVB must have had much Heart & Greed for this 40 episode, 3rd installment of the 溏心風暴 franchise to do well, but it fell short of the expectations I didn’t quite have from the start. Sorry.

Heart and Greed
Heart of Greed 3.jpg

Heart and Greed poster
No. of Episodes 40
Original Release 27 November 2017 – 19 January 2018
Starring Louise Lee
Michelle Yim
Ha Yu
Susanna Kwan
Bosco Wong
Vincent Wong
Eliza Sam
Sharon Chan
Louis Yuen
Priscilla Wong
Joseph Lee
Michael Tong
Ram Chiang
Jason Chan
Carlo Ng
Bianca Wu
Lee Shing Cheong
Jacquelin Ch’ng
Related Shows Heart of Greed (2007)
Moonlight Resonance(2008)
Opening & Ending Themes 我本無罪 by Susanna Kwan

欲言又止 by Vincent Wong & Hana Kuk

Country of origin Hong Kong

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