About datcheebie.



Cheebie San


A yellow teddy bear who is kind of addicted to dramas hailing from Asia (predominantly kdramas and Hong Kong dramas) and a true Running Man addict.


A yellow teddy bear. A really cute one.


Cheebie San was born on Dec. 19, 2007. This blog was created back in 2013 when Cheebie San realized that all things cuddly (including dramas) should be shared.


Cheebie San was made in China (what did you expect?) but currently dwells in a den somewhere in North America.


As a fellow drama watcher, it’s nice to bond over a storyline that takes you somewhere nice — dramaland. It’s not quite escaping reality, but it is a nice break, and you can also learn many lessons, i.e. making copies of USBs containing confidential information so the bad guys don’t ruin you. Variety shows are also another blessing. As an eternal scholar, Cheebie San finds that watching variety shows injects a nice dose of much-needed laughter at least once a week.


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