.I’m Quitting Running Man.

I am quitting Running Man. I started watching this show back in 2011, and over these last 5 years, it became something more than a show to me. Even when the show was/is in a slump, I still watched every single episode religiously. Every Sunday, I provided me with that dose of laughter I really needed in my life, and I am super grateful for that.

I took it for granted in the back of my mind that the show would be ‘7012’ forever (7 members forever), but the rational part of me knew that the show would definitely have an end. Gary’s departure hit me pretty hard. The official, official end of Monday couple. No more Kang Gary – the bunbling Random Mr. Capable.

I somewhat got over it. However, I started to notice that Song Ji Hyo seemed pretty down and almost as if she was unwanted kn the show. She always tries hard in all the challenges, but her face showed it all in the recent episodes: I am doing the minimal 100% because that is what I should do and what I am obligated to do. She was not having fun. I discussed this with someone. I expressed my developong inkling that Song Ji Hyo’s departure was imminent. Then, two days ago, insider leaks revealed that Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook quit. Two hours later, I got the news that this was confirmed and Kang Ho Dong was on the boat for the second season.

i have nothing against Kang Ho Dong, but I decided to quit the show too once the SPART-ACE duo leaves. I wasn’t as emotionally upset as I was for Gary’s departure, but I still am quitting. Kang Ho Dong is a pretty good entertainer, but there is a point where Running Man is no longer the Running Man I know of. Then I heard further developments – they confirmed my sound decision to quit this show.

Kang Ho Dong ended up declining after a bout of positive consideration for very admirable reasons. The Running Man producers or whatever aapparently wanted  to drop Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo in favor of a second season. Presumably to be the graceful and respectable people they are, Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo likely decided to just ‘quit’ so they don’t end up getting ‘fired.’ When Kang Ho Dong caught a wind of this, he ended up declining the offer. 👏👏👏

Absolutely revolting. Two members who worked so hard for these past 7 years. The lack of gratitude it despicable. Song Ji Hyo’s reps claimed that she is quitting to focus on acting – which probably has some truth to it, but I still don’t like how things ended up. It seemed like the show was cutting her loose. It just leaves a bad taste.

I am very proud of all of them for sticking together, even if it means that the show will be ending. This just shows that their friendship is just not a business relationship. They are family. Everything was quite dramatic, and I am very sad that it will be hard to see some of the members frequently, but I am still happy for them. I am proud of them.

Want to Know What’s Been Happening? ALLKPOP has your back!

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