.dat Running Man Funeral (SBS Entertainment Awards 2016).

‘Running Man’ Funeral — 2016 SBS Entertainment Awards

If you are not aware of the ‘mess’ Kim Gura adequately referred to during the SBS Entertainment Awards, please refer to this post.

Another year is nearing yet another end. I don’t know about you, but 2016 has been pretty awful for many reasons, one of such is everything that has happened to Running Man — including its tragic end. I’ll call it tragic only because SBS is a mega jerk, but the RM members are definitely my heroes, and I am so proud of them, and will always be!

As expected SBS avoided any mention of RM at all costs during the awards — as in, no awards. Kim Gura, being the troublemaker he always is, outright mentioned the ‘Running Man mess,’ and I am so loving him right now. But, obviously, they have to give them something or else that’s just gonna 100% expose their sly fox tail that’s already 99.99999999….% exposed already. Lee Kwangsoo finally has won a much deserved Top Excellence Award, Variety. Haha was also nominated for this award, but I’m sure he doesn’t mind 🙂 Below I have attached some screencaps from this small but glorious moment that we have all been anticipating. I have also included some of my ‘snarky’ comments. Enjoy! Don’t cry too much like I did.







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