.dat 2016 — Top Picks [Dramas & Variety].

2016 — Looking Back and Choosing Some Top Picks

Happy New Year Everyone! I figured that with the festivities and all, why not be the bum that reminisces about the past year by coming up with a list of top picks for dramas and variety shows? If you’re looking for something to watch, but don’t want to be caught up in the whirlwind of currently airing dramas/shows, this is definitely the list for you 🙂 Happy viewing, and feel free to comment below on suggestions because sharing is caring!

DRAMAS excludes currently airing dramas; ranked

also be aware that I have not watched many dramas this year — including Signal which will probably be regarded as a sin by fellow drama addicts.
  1. Please Come Back, Mister (SBS) — This drama was the bomb. It was hilarious. It made me cry like a baby. Oh yes.
  2. W (MBC) —It has it all. From suspense, to cutesy romance, to action and some tears. No Face the Villain is just. So. Freakin’. Scary. Attempt to follow webtoon character Kang Chul (Lee Jong Suk) on his convoluted journey to find the reason for his existence, stumbling on love for a real-life Dr. Oh Yun Joo (Han Hyo Joo) and faced with a Creator who seeks to Destroy his own Creation. The plot kinda loses itself in itself in the latter half, but there is no way you can give up on it, because you end up wanting to resolve Kang Chul’s wretched fate as much as he does 🙂
  3. Oh My Venus (KBS): Do you need some more cuteness in your life? Bromance to romance ~ The plot is captivating enough so that it isn’t boring but will still keep your eyes fixed on that screen so you can cheer on our heroine (Shin Minah) and chuckle at the bromance blossoming on the screen (HenrySo Ji Sub + Sung Hoon = <3)
  4. Task Force 38 (OCN): You want more suspense but NO predictability? You got it! Seo In Gook  stars as a con artist who initially seems to stumble on poor Ma Dong Suk‘s character by chance, but is it really all Heaven’s will? They become partners in crime Justice as they kick some butt together through scamming to restore order to the collection of taxes. Sounds weird? Dig right in.

  5. The K2 (tvn):Oh yea! If you loved Healer, you’ll most likely like this one too because it’s basically ‘Healer is Back.’ Ji Chang Wook stars as the titular agent K2, and flower boy x muscles guarantees some badass action.
  6. Doctors (SBS): Okay, so many of you may disagree on the placement of this particular drama ahead of the next one. However, let me explain: I still haven’t finished Moonlight, so I can’t be say for sure. I understand that this is definitely my problem, but please focus less on the rankings, but rather focus more on the dramas themselves 🙂 If you need a badass heroine, you got one. CHEER HER ON!!! I seriously still miss Grandma *sniffles*
  7. Moonlight Drawn By Clouds (KBS) *drumrolls* Yes, it’s finally here. The drama that leaves you gasping at the visuals, the beauty of the romance, and the cuteness sprinkled everywhere. I seriously need to finish this drama.
  8. Scarlet Heart Ryeo: Moon Lovers (SBS): Honestly, I think this drama didn’t deserve so much ‘hate.’ While watching, I didn’t think that IU‘s acting was horrible or anything, I was just captivated by the drama itself. While I agree that perhaps this drama does not measure up to the Chinese version, this shortened version kept me on my toes throughout as I wailed at Lee Joon Ki‘s and Kang Haneul‘s characters even though I watched the Chinese version before and I know what was going to happen. I cried. I think that’s all that matters.
  9. Shopping King Louie (MBC): amnesiac shopaholic Seo In Guk + country bumpkin angel Nam Ji Hyun = just so cute. Let’s throw in a bonus Yoon Sang Hyun as a grumpy but sweet ajusshi in the love triangle and we get a cuteness overload.
  10. Beautiful Gongshim (SBS) Did you ask for more cuteness? You got it! It’s especially a nice change since we get to see Nam Goongmin as a non-villain this time as he engages in the cutest of interactions with Bang Minah.
  11. Remember (SBS): This thing is dark guys. Nam Goongmin is the villain, so watch out. Don’t cry too much for Yoo Seung ho‘s character and just support him through supporting his eternal supporter played by Park Min Young.
  12. Let’s Fight Ghost (tvn) Get ready for some action, a cute ghost and some hardcore comedic bromance! (Ok Taecyeon, Kim So Hyun)
  13. Descendants of the Sun (KBS): Ok. It’s already here. I’d be in big trouble if I said this in China, but as much as I love Song Joongki, I didn’t quite love the drama. I liked the bromance and the OST tho 🙂
  14. Cheese in the Trap (tvn) OK. It kinda sucked in the latter half, but it was interesting enough, right? Totally cheering on Kim Go Eun right now in Goblin!!!
  15. Vampire Detective (OCN): A spinoff of the Vampire Prosecutor series, this drama took a different spin where Lee Joon‘s character who had so much potential as a police officer gets turned into a vampire and tries to make sense of where things started going wrong. If you like suspense, action, vampy-goodness, this drama is for you. The latter half kind of died, but you just gotta stick to it till the very end, ya know?
  16. Mirror of the Witch (JTBC): Yum. Fantasy. As usual child actresses (Kim Sae Ron) blow me away and seriously make me feel like a bum.
  17. Uncontrollably Fond (KBS): Erm. Only included this because I cried (are you seeing a trend?). Besides, when will you have a male lead (Kim Woo Bin) who is revealed to be dying from the onset?
  18. Entertainer (SBS): It was light. It had characters to cheer on. Yay.
  19. Moorim School (2016): Erm. I felt like I should include this one only because I did start watching it, but I seriously could not bear to after episode 4 or so…? I really like the chicken helmet though. It had a pretty okay start, but the ratings were really tragic, and the decision to shorten the drama was even more so.



Running Man (SBS): Guys. Watch it while you can. *sobs my lungs out in the corner* See these posts for details: I’m Quitting RM, Running Man’s Funeral, the Apology

Infinity Challenge (MBC): I don’t watch every single episode, but they are seriously hilarious. Definitely watch the episode where they go for some Space Training.

Happy Together (KBS): This isn’t really a a variety show, per se, but it does guarantee some laughs depending on the guests. It’s a talk show technically, but in a less formal manner, so you get to hear some amazing stories while laughing your head off.


  1. GOBLIN!!!
  2. Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim
  3. Hwarang


6 thoughts on “.dat 2016 — Top Picks [Dramas & Variety].

  1. Haha. You forgot to update the ‘ongoing dramas to watch’ list 🙂 But thanks Will give some of these a watch

  2. w!!! w is my absolute favorite this year! so happy jong suk oppa winning mbc daesang!

  3. It’s a shame that you haven’t finished Moonlight, but glad to here that you will! It’s the best! Will check out Beautiful Gongshim because, honestly, Nam Goongmin as a villain is very very scary, and it would be nice to see a change. Love the cute GIF’s! They’ are such cute little sneak peeks!

  4. YASSSSS! GOBLIN!!! Thanks for the great recommendations! Will definitely check some of these out!

  5. While I do think that DOTS was overrated, I don’t think it deserved too much flack. After all, it must have a reason for being so popular. Congrats to Song Song Couple by the way for winning the well-deserved 2016 KBS Daesang!!!

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